Vinegret Russian salad

This is a traditional Russian salad (the one that is known as Russian salad in India is different and not a really Russian salad at all actually).

Vinegret salad is a vegan, very simple in cooking and healthy (but if you control your carbs very strictly – then it might be not for you).


What do you need to cook Vinegret Salad:
•1-2 tbsp of oil;
•A pinch of salt and black paper;
(The amount of all 3 vegetables supposed to be the same)
*These are the basic ingredients, you can also add pickled cucumbers/ pickled cabbage/ pickled peas or beans/ a little bit of vinegar – 1-2 of these things and some greenery (parsley/ dill/ coriander) if you want to – but this all is optional.

•Boil beetroot, potato and carrot;
•Cut them in small cubes (if you are adding pickled cucumbers, cut them in small cubes as well). Mix them with other additional ingredients if adding any;
•Add salt, black paper, vinegar (if you are adding it) and oil, mix the salad very well;
•Keep it in fridge for a while because this salad is better served cold. That’s all!

Bon Appetit!

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