“The price of beauty”

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Everyone is beautiful. But not everyone knows about it.

I have worked as a model for 12 years – a long time that beauty standards were controlling my life and a long time to start hating them.

For many years already I don’t put such labels as “beautiful” and “ugly” on people. I just don’t, not even in my mind. I think everyone is beautiful. Literally everyone. Nobody chooses how they will look before they are born. And I think it’s insanely cruel that we judge other people looks according to some stupid stereotypes which are different in different countries and changed many times in history. We think it doesn’t work on our personal preferences in looks, but it just seems so…Subconsciously it often does.

Now it is in fashion to be skinny in Europe, but couple of centuries ago it was the opposite. Asia is obsessed about white skin while white people on the west often want to get tan (but at least not to the obsession and humiliation of their natural skin color). People judge the couples where woman is taller than man, why? Just because beauty standards say otherwise and it makes people to forget it’s none of their business whom other people have chosen to LOVE. In some African tribes there is still fashion for the long necks. And while we may find it strange, people there think it’s beautiful – so we can’t say these things don’t work on people minds. In China not so far in history mothers broke their daughters feet so they would be small. The list can go on and on. The history has too many examples of strange, cruel and different from now beauty standards. Now in many countries it is famous to do plastic surgeries, in some less and in some more. But who knows, maybe after 100 years plastic surgeries will also look like insane cruelty?

To clarify, I have nothing against people who want to do plastic surgeries – who am I to judge someone’s free choice, isn’t it? But I am against of beauty standards because there is almost no people in the world that feel truly beautiful and truly confident. There is so much of pressure around the looks and this pressure makes people feel rejected, makes them feel hopeless, makes them feel lonely, makes them feel scared not to be able to find love, makes them want to cut their bodies and faces, to hurt themselves and even..to kill themselves. What all this for? JUST for the stupid idea of “beauty” somebody stupid created!

It doesn’t have to be like this. Why do we even need this idea of who’s beautiful and so, on the contrary, who is not? We all were born different. And that’s the point! That’s the beauty of it. That’s how God wanted to create us and how God sees the beauty, it means. Why do we always want to ruin everything?

Model: Tenzin Choekiy

Make-up Artist: Tenzin Choekiy (Instagram: @tenzin_artistry)

Photographer: me (Instagram: @rs_fashion_photography)

Studio: Delhi Photography Services Pvt Ltd

(Instagram: @delhiphotographyservices)

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