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Everyone who was in China for sure knows and loves this cute Japanese brand, there it is incredibly popular. MINISO is a store of all kinds of cute things for the house: dishes, rugs, toys, etc., as well as cosmetics, bags, stationary, computer and telephone components, etc. All in Japanese, cute and slightly anime style.

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I was very surprised when I accidentally found MINISO in India last summer (although according to the information on the Internet, it opened here for the first time in 2017), because I did not think that the Indians would like such style too much. People in Japan and China like everything cute, little childish, with cartoons – most of the adults as well – it is a normal fashion there. But I didn’t notice such thing in Indians too much. But you never know.

Miniso shops in Delhi are there in many areas: Google Maps shows 17 stores. I was in 3 of them: at Connaught Place in the center (Rajiv Chowk metro station), in Gurgaon (MGF Metropolitan shopping center, MG Road metro station) and in the Pitampura area (Kohat Enclave metro station). All these 3 stores are located close to the metro, so they are not difficult to find.

I must say that in the shop at Connaught Place it is ALWAYS very crowded (I have been there many times). In other areas it was, on the contrary, less people. But to get to another areas it is usually more difficult (if you, of course, do not live there or were not near by chance).

Although MINISO is a Japanese brand, it makes its products in China. But, in my opinion, the products have quite good quality. Therefore, prices in MINISO India are slightly more expensive than in China. For some products are not much more expensive, but for some it is like double more, for example, for toys. Cosmetics are also inexpensive, as in China. In general, in MINISO India, it is usually not possible to find anything cheaper than Rs.150 ($2.16), even the smallest things. In India, unlike in many countries, there are a really many shops with much cheaper prices for the same things (and this is another reason why I did not think that this brand would be too interesting for Indians – but nevertheless). The style of things is really very cute, which attracts people from different countries.

By the way, I do not know what products are being sold now in MINISO in China, I was there last time 2 years ago. But in the Indian MINISO I still found some products that I saw in China 2 years ago.

According to the data on the website MINISO plans to open 800 stores across India by 2020.

Brand website (for those who are interested in seeing products online) in India is:

Many Indian fashion and video bloggers have left their feedback on MINISO, for example:

Although in MINISO at Connaught Place I was not allowed to take pictures.

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