Select City Walk “There is no planet B”

Look at the trees. Read the caption. Think of what YOU can change.

We don’t need to be afraid to look poor if start using cars less – in order to save ecology for our kids (and not some far future generations we always imagine thinking of ecology issue). We can find a way to use less plastic. We can sort the garbage. We can use less chemicals. We can. We just need to say no to modern “comfortability” a little bit, not just to wait for governments to do something….Normal people should be aware too, we are the ones who are going to live in it too….We can’t just go with the flow and live how past generations did – because we have got the world in totally different condition!

This installation has impressed me. And it is nice that it is installed in shopping mall – a much more public place than some museum, suppose.

This shopping mall is Select City Walk in Delhi – one of the most places shopping malls and generally places to visit in Delhi, by locals and foreigners, both.

Usually, though, Select City Walk has normal for shopping malls themes for their installations – public holidays, most often.

Select City Walk is located near to Saket Metro Station.

  • Address
    Select City Walk, New-Delhi

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