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Not many foreigners know about this place in Delhi, and for those who come here for a short time it is unlikely to be interesting. This place is more for the people who have been in Delhi for a long time and have already visited all the sights that are usually on a must-visit list of Delhi….This place is called India Habitat Centre, and I really like it ☺️

India Habitat Centre is an exhibition center. Usually there art exhibitions do happen, less often – photography exhibitions and other events. The people who exhibit there are mostly not so well known artists, who are trying to break through the financially-oriented thinking of modern Delhi (usually their families against the creative path of their children because of its financial instability) – these artists works, by the way, are usually also available for buying in India Habitat Centre.

Most of the artworks that I saw at the India Habitat Centre were done in the contemporary art style, so for me these exhibitions are even more interesting – I love contemporary art.

Everyone can rent a hall for their exhibition at the India Habitat Centre (there are halls with air conditioners and without them). There are also exhibitions of children’s artworks are present in India Habitat Centre usually. At the same time India Habitat Centre has normally around 3-4 exhibitions, so it might seem to someone that there is not too much to see, but… There are other advantages in this place as well for a foreigner to go:

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✅ There are always not many people (which is rare for Delhi, therefore, if you feel that you are tired of a lot of people – this place will be good for you). I have been there several times and have never seen a large number of people at the same time, despite of the fact that entry is free both to the territory and to exhibitions of India Habitat Centre (only some events have paid entry);

✅ People there don’t stare at foreigners. Visitors of the India Habitat Centre do not look interested in staring at or taking pictures with foreigners (as happens in many other places in India). People behave calmly there, they are more interested in exhibitions than you 🙂 Therefore, if you are tired of devoting attention to you as a foreigner, India Habitat Centre is good for you;

✅ It’s QUIET there! People who have ever visited Delhi will understand what I mean – it is always very noisy in the city: cars honk just all the time, stopping only at nights. Finding a quiet place outside of building in Delhi can be not so easy. India Habitat Center, even though it is close to the road, is surprisingly a VERY quiet place – you can even hear the birds singing! (and it is, by the way, a lot of them there, because the roof of India Habitat Centre is equipped for them);

✅ It’s clean and VERY much green in there! Seriously, India Habitat Centre has so much greenery that the question arises in your mind: “How many people do they need to take care of all these plants?” (at the territory of India Habitat Centre there are not only a lot of trees, but also a large number of plants in pots that look well-groomed);

✅ The place looks stylish: there are several statues in the style in modern art style, colorful fountains etc.;

✅ The India Habitat Centre also has also 2 restaurants at it’s territory. One called “Eatopia” which is more like a food court with Indian, Chinese cousins, sandwiches and more. And another one is American cuisine cafe, called “The all American Diner” – it deserves special attention: delicious food (not spicy – for those who are looking for non-spicy food in Delhi) and an interior in the style of the 50-s of America. My full review (with pictures) about this cafe can be read Here;

✅ In general, the atmosphere of India Habitat Centre is somehow different, it feels much more calm in there.

P.S .: There is also a hotel at the India Habitat Centre territory, so you can even stay at that hotel. Some halls of the India Habitat Centre are also given to rent for the celebrations of birthdays and other special occasions, so you can see people in holiday clothes there sometimes, but usually they are not noisy and disturbing.


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