“Eatopia”, India Habitat Centre

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“Eatopia” is a food court in the place I really like to visit in Delhi – India Habitat Centre. In fact, there are only two places in India Habitat Centre you can go to if you get hungry: “The all American Diner” restaurant and “Eatopia” food court.

This place has a few restaurants available with more usual for India than “The all American Diner” food. There you can find North-Indian, South-Indian, Thai food, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, pizzas, desserts, etc. The place doesn’t seem to have really many options for a food court but it has enough. “Eatopia” has vegetarian and non-vegetarian food available.

Also food court has pretty much space for seating. And it, as well, can have many people inside sometimes (there is the hotel in India Habitat Centre, so hotel residents also come there to eat). Despite India Habitat Centre feeling like a quite place to me, “Eatopia” can seem noisy on the contrast.

Baked vegetables with garlic bread
Baked potatoes

The prices in “Eatopia” aren’t very high and aren’t very cheap (for India). For two people on average you can spend Rs.500-1000 ($7-14).

Hot chocolate

Overall I liked the place. Many people come there with children as well.

“Eatopia” can be pretty hard to find in India Habitat Centre for the first time. It’s better to ask someone where is the place if you have the difficulties to find it on your own. “Eatopia” is a little bit “hidden”, unlike “The all American Diner”.

“Eatopia” doesn’t have washroom available inside, but there is a washroom in the parking near by, you will have to walk a few floors down the stairs.

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    “Eatopia”, India Habitat Centre, Delhi

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