Elephant poop paper?

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Guys, you would never guess what this notebook made from if I would not tell you…Yes, Elephant’s POOP! No, I’ m not joking! Many people may find it disgusting but i think it’s genius – help for ecology! (P.S.: There is no poop smell).

Actually, the idea is not new to me, some time ago I have seen the video about similar paper production in Indonesia but, honestly, did’t think I will see it so soon, in real, and like this, in public place! But when i was visiting Delhi Haat again, I was surprised to see quite many different things made from this unusual “material”. The price is not cheap but I hope it is yet because there is no demand…The paper is very thick, cardboard I can say..

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Honestly, I am one the people who are very concerned about ecology but feel almost powerless in the same time…We all just talk, but we can also do our little part at least: to use less plastic, to save water, to separate the food garbage and feed it to stray animals, and to support such productions that care about the word and future of our kids, your kids! Taking care of kids doesn’t mean just greedily earning money, especially nowadays!

And I am sure that in another countries such production also could be possible, just using another animals poop…Instead of killing millions of trees every year for the paper that is just becoming garbage every second after a very senseless usage most of the times. India, by the way, started to make most of the documents in electronic form (even important ones), because of this reason partly. But most of the paper we use is not being wasted on documents…

I want to believe humanity can become more aware and caring about the nature. This problem is not already about the countries but the world globally! The nature does not have the borders which humans have created to separate from each other…

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