Connaught Place

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Connaught Place is one of the most popular places to spend weekends among locals in Delhi. They are here, like everywhere else, like to go to restaurants and to shopping in their free time, rather than to visit sights. Often there are cases when tourists have visited more sights than locals (and in your own city it can be the case with you too, isn’t it? ;-))

But there is many foreigners in Connaught Place usually too. By the way, it’s one of the places where people will not stare at foreigners much and where even Indian women calmly walk in short clothes.

Connaught Place is a small area of several blocks of buildings in British colonial architecture style. It is also considered the most expensive place in the world (!) for renting space for shops, restaurants, night clubs and other places of entertainment. Despite this, of course, the owners of shops and restaurants, can’t make the prices there higher than in another Delhi areas. However, they win a competition by the quantity of people visiting – on holidays, in fact, the place can be extremely crowded.

Connaught Place is located in South Delhi, the area of Delhi where is the President House, ministries, embassies of different countries are located as well. So it’s considered to be the coolest and richest area of the city.

You can get there by rickshaw, cab or metro. Metro station is Rajiv Chowk.

  • Address
    Cannaught Place, New-Delhi

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