Cafe “The Big Bun”, Rohini

This cafe is located at Rohini, sector 11, near to G3S Cinemas.

It is a fast food restaurant. “The Big Bun” serves both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Menu is quite similar to McDonalds: burgers, fries, nuggets, cold drinks. But in the same time, the type of food is different: you can find there a pineapple burger, for example, and many other interesting options. Masala chai is also available in this restaurant – but it is only one hot drink option available – I wish there were some more. And some salad option as well, though if you don’t want to have a burger/ fries/ nuggets, you can always have a wrap.

The restaurant has indoor seating available and take-away option. The prices are very much affordable and the preparation of food is fast. It doesn’t have table service, you have to pick up the food by yourself. The restaurant doesn’t have washroom available for visitors too.

I liked this restaurant and have even tried pineapple burger (it has big pineapple piece inside – a little bit specific but not bad). Overall I do recommend this place if you are looking for a fast food meal.

Pineapple burger
  • Address
    Shop no 57, Garg trade Center, opp. G3S Cinemas, Sector 11, Rohini, Delhi

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