Cafe “Moscow-Delhi”, Moscow

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I have visited this restaurant with my Indian husband when we were traveling in Moscow.

The restaurant is ok, not bad, but according to us it was too expensive for the offer – it was evening and they had a Thali (Indian platter). The restaurant did not have the menu, Thali was only available option and they told us that sharing one Thali is not possible as well. Our fault was that we forgot to ask the price of a Thali….

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The food was fine, though according to me in was not exactly like in India. They have had such thing like beetroot raita, suppose, which I have never seen in India, but my husband told there is a possibility of people cooking it although it’s not popular, so overall he liked the food.

We did not like interior – it was looking like everything was old there, the interior was in the style of dhaba (traditionally cheap Indian cafes which were mostly used by truck drivers though now they can be differently looking).

One more thing we didn’t like is that the workers told us that removing the shoes at the entry of their cafe is customary, saying that in India people always do that. But, well, I have been in many houses in India where people DON’T remove shoes (in Russia everyone does it actually). But certainly in both the countries people don’t remove shoes at the cafes or restaurants. I did not wear socks because I was wearing sandals that day so I can say that the floors weren’t very clean at that restaurant.

Apart from it, it was hot in there, they didn’t have any air conditioner or fan (there was a ceiling fan like in India just for decorations, but it didn’t work). They didn’t have too much of sitting space (though not so less as well) but the cooking and dish washing processes were happening right in front of you, to make it looking authentic I guess, but it reduced the space a lot and created some feeling of mess. Also it was quite dark. And once one of the workers carried the bucket full of hot coal right near to our legs and it was feeling scary.

When we had to pay, we got to know that the bill was for 4000 rubles, means Thali cost was 2000. We didn’t have that much cash and their card machine didn’t work that day. The manager told that we can go to ATM and remove it, I have offered to give her 2000 cash I already had to what she said to do as I wish but I have given it to her. She even didn’t send anybody to control if we don’t run away just. ATM was not so near and not easy to find. We have returned after quite a long time, so she was even surprised that we came back at all. Most of people have paid though mobile app which I don’t use since I spend less time in Russia.

But we were actually shocked about the price, at least because the place didn’t look expensive. And we know that in India you can normally buy Thali for 100-600 per person. Yes, it’s not India, so it’s sort of understood but still, you can find actually many restaurants that have Indian food in Russia with much cheaper prices and more typical, modern interiors as well.

I think that this place is for people who are looking for something authentic, not just food but atmosphere. There were few bunches of Indian middle-aged men who looked like businessmen, so I think it’s most suitable for them.

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    Cafe “Moscow-Delhi”, Moscow

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