Basics of modeling in India: Ramp-walk basics

Ramp-walk you need to practice! Practice, practice and more practice. Do it at your free time at home and don’t feel shy about it. It will be surely better if you learn it from someone professional – a choreographer or a model that works for a long time.

It’s not possible to teach a catwalk by text so I will tell you a few things you need to always remember and take care of while you are on ramp:

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  • Take care of your posture;
  • Walk in one line. The girls should put both the legs in one line only, while the guys have to just keep the one-line trajectory. This is actually very important – it is something that makes it a ramp-walk!;
  • Follow the type of walk the designer/ choreographer of each fashion show requires (fast/slow, high fashion/commercial, other unusual requirements like some dance or acting elements can be asked from you as well though it is not so common).
  • Walk with the rhythms of the music;
  • Look into one point only, don’t look around. Yes, on the ramp you just can’t look here and there, down or up. Choose one point straight in front of you and only look there while you are walking;
  • Maintain required face expressions and keep it during entire walk. Even if you are required to smile – you have to keep smiling non-stop while walking then;
  • Take care of your hands, they should move but not too much and equally. Fresher models often do mistake in this: somebody moves hands too much, somebody doesn’t just move them, someone can also move just one hand and not another;
  • Remember the walking order very carefully. In India, unlike in most of other countries, models can get not just 1-3 walk entries during one fashion show but 5-7, and they all can be extremely different (not just straight walks). In another countries it is easy to memorize them but in India, with so much differences in the walks trajectories and many entries, the models usually do note them down to remember and choreographers insist on it. So it is better you carry a pen with you on every fashion show rehearsal. Also, do not expect your rehearsals to finish fast because of it;
  • Change your outfits VERY fast not to miss your next entry – on the fashion shows you mostly don’t get too much time to change into your next outfit and you just can’t be late for your next entry – it can ruin the whole show;
  • You also need to remember to show the pockets, bags, hoodies if you have them – better to do it in the end of the ramp. Girls can also put hands on the waist at the end of the ramp. It is possible to do it for the whole walk there and remove it later. But how to do it elegantly and not clumsy – it is better to learn from a professional;
  • Girls: you are more likely to get difficult garments to carry than male models. It is difficult to walk in long dresses, especially if there are the stairs element included in your ramp-walk. You need to learn to walk without lifting the bottom of a long dress with your both hands – better not to lift it at all or just lift it with one hand and not too much, in the elegant manner. But there can be other difficult type of garments as well: once I have had the outfit with the real aquarium installed in it for the fashion show, suppose. You can also get crazy high heels – so you better be able to walk in heels perfectly! You can get to walk with the kids and you would need to guide them or you can even get to walk with the animals for fashion shows;
  • In case if something goes wrong, you should not look lost on the ramp – just never, no matter what happens! Instead you should make it looking like it meant to be like this. No matter what it is – even if you loose your shoe or fall – just stand up fast and continue as if it was the part of the show – that’s what professional models do!;
  • If you walking in a couple or group order, make sure you walk synchronously but never look at the other models in the same time and never try to talk to them on ramp! With the practice you just learn to understand the rhythms of the music very well and you also learn to know when your walking partners do move without looking at them, with the side vision. But in the beginning you should count the seconds you required to stand on the points – if choreographer tells you the duration of stop point – great, if not, it is usually 3-4 seconds. Do not stop and stand for too long on the stopping points because the most important for you is to make everything to look synchronous, not to stand out. Also, if you see another model you supposed to be synchronous with is doing a mistake, do it as well – to save the show. But DO NOT LOOK LOST – otherwise you will spoil everything.

Ramp walk is something that requires practice, as I have already told: practice, practice, a lot of practice. In the difference with the photo-shootings, it is a live show and you can’t re-do anything there.

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