Basics of modeling in India: high-fashion posing

High-fashion posing is not understood by everyone even in the fashion industry. It is often called crazy and strange. It is remarkably less used in Indian fashion industry than commercial posing (mostly here high-fashion posing is used by creative and famous fashion designers). High-fashion posing is also oriented on the display of garments, as commercial posing but from another perspective: to show people cool and creative mood of the designer’s wear. Many models enjoy to do high-fashion posing because they are allowed to be very creative in it and less restricted in poses comparing to commercial posing. Though some models are just not able to do high-fashion posing.

High-fashion posing era started in Europe in the beginning of 2000-s, when the skinny, androgen looking models began to be in fashion. It was some sort of protest against the pressure on people to be overly sexy and elegant (although it created the pressure on them to be overly skinny later).

High fashion-poses are differentiated on: strong poses, relaxed poses and big poses.

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Strong poses:

It is all those poses with the hands on the waist but elbows in front, etc. -strange and unnatural, but certainly cool kind of poses! Strong poses usually require cool or little bit aggressive (rebellious) kind of expressions.

Relaxed poses:

The name speaks for itself. Don’t need to care about your posture and all. To do relaxed poses you also need to use relaxed kind of face expressions, of course.

Big poses:

Well, here you have to be VERY creative. As much as you can imagine. The expressions for such posing are usually same as for strong poses.

Face expressions:

As mentioned above: cool, little bit aggressive (rebellious) or relaxed face expressions are usually the ones that required for high-fashion posing. Though sometimes big smile/ laugh or sexy kind of expressions can go with high-fashion posing as well (though, way less).

High-fashion posing can’t be as easily taught or told by shooting team how to do to the model as commercial posing. It requires the model to experiment A LOT and to understand the moods of high-fashion. The reason for that is, unlike commercial posing, high-fashion posing does not have that much of exact poses and it all depends on creativity of the model (but according to the clients desired image and limitations, of course, as the rule).

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