Basics of modeling in India: e-commerce posing

There is a lot of e-commerce work for models in India. The most common online-shopping websites these shoots happen for are:,,, but there are many others too.

If you want to learn e-commerce posing, you can as well learn it from these web-sites, looking at the models posing. I will just tell you a couple of useful tips for e-commerce posing.

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  • You need to also use commercial type of posing on e-commerce shoots but it is usually required to be simpler than for other types of commercial jobs (to read about Commercial Posing, Click Here). For e-commerce people usually want almost straight type of posing for front, sides or 45-degrees and back shots. But yet, it supposed to be posing, not just straight standing, will say again: commercial posing, with commercial type of expressions, just a little bit more simple and straight. The reason for that is that people want no wrinkles on the garments for e-commerce websites so it would look the way it is in real;
  • You need to pose without bending and lifting your shoulders for e-commerce. You are also not allowed to spread your legs too much, to lift your hands over your waste line, to cover the garments designs. Rest depends on the website guidelines/ designer’s wishes, it can differ. But even having restrictions and many garments to shoot during the day, you still should be able to give different type of poses and not to look the same on every picture just. When there is many garments to shoot, it can happen, you can start posing the same way automatically, not in the beginning of the shoot but closer to the end of it is more likely to happen to many models. Take care of it;
  • Also you need to learn to pose fast and to a give shot – a good pose and a good face expression – right from the first click. It is more important on e-commerce shoots than on any other type of shootings. Doing it can be not easy at all for the beginning model, but, as I was telling earlier not once, I really do recommend to practice in front of the mirror first, not just to gain practice on the shoot days, if you really want to be professional in this industry!
  • The difficult part of e-commerce shootings is the amount of garments you will have to shoot for: it is usually around 100, sometimes less, sometimes more. But 100 changes is a standard amount – which can be very tiring for those who don’t have experience in it. With the time you will get used to it but take care of not looking tired on the pictures as much as you can even in the starting of your career! Later these pictures will be published online FOR SURE and from how well you have done it, depends if the team will call you again or not;
  • Normally for e-commerce you don’t need to give too many shots for each garment, instead prepare to change clothes a lot. What you need to learn here is to change clothes as fast as possible and to change it the way that hair-style, make-up, ironing of the garments and garments themselves wouldn’t get spoiled (broken or dirty with the make-up, suppose). It is important for all the shoots (obviously), but, the more amount of changes, the more difficult it can be. There are always a professional stylist and a make-up artist to take care of these issues but yet, your part in it is the most important. Be accurate! (and yet, very fast);
  • And the last: don’t fight with the clients over amount of changes on the shoot. Often the amount of clothes looks more when you shoot for it than it is in real. Apparently, a few years back in India the models used to get paid for the amount of changes they do, they used to count it, but now it is more often happenning for the amount of hours, because there can be re-shoots, hair and make-up changes can take longer than supposed time, etc. Most of the studios have a limited number of garments for a day but the models often start fighting with them seeing some of the clothes arriving during the shoot, not before. Models think they are being fooled with the amount of garments because they don’t know that studios often have not one brand to shoot for the whole day but can have many, some of them can have very less clothes to shoot, and some of the brand’s representatives don’t send the clothes before but bring it during the day. But this all is included in a shoot garments amount that was told you before. Studios don’t have unlimited number of clothes to bring to you if you work faster, so don’t worry about it – if you finish faster, you will go home faster. But such thing – never stopping clothes – can happen if you are shooting on the brand’s factory – so make sure you/ your coordinator/ your modeling agency discussed all the details of the shoot before the shoot day. Fighting with the clients can make them never book you again, and e-commerce clients are the ones who can have shoots often for you.

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