Basics of modeling in India: commercial posing

Today we will talk about the types of Commercial posing. Commercial posing is oriented on display of the garments, accessories and other things you can get to advertise (it can be fridges, mobiles, etc. as well).

The most important rule of the posing, especially commercial posing, you need to always remember is: you have to pose the way that the subject you require to advertise would be highlighted and the most noticed on the picture. People should have the desire to buy exactly that product, looking at the picture.

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Many people think that the models should highlight themselves on the pictures but it’s not true. You have to always be a part of an image the brand or designer requires, your work is actually very important for their future sales.

All the type of clothes, accessories, etc. require different type of posing. Suppose, if you are advertising bags but wearing some dress, you need to make sure you highlight the bags with your posing and not the dress. You also always need to take care of not covering up the product you need to highlight, and especially important details on it that need to be visible: print, logo, pockets – if there are the pockets – you need to show them, collar etc. Your face expressions, as well, should match the image of the look: to be elegant, happy, sexy, sporty, etc. (unless the client asks otherwise).

Below you can find the examples of posing for different types of clothes and accessories. The poses are not limited to the presented but it will give you the idea of how to highlight the product with your posing.


There can be a few types of dresses: elegant, cute, sporty, etc. Your posing and expressions should be according to the style of the dress. Usually models are quite limited in the dress posing: in short dresses you can do different hand and leg positions (but don’t spread your legs too much) and in long dresses all you can do is to give different hand positions and face expressions. Yet, don’t forget not to cover the dress design. It’s the tricky thing and you can be asked to pose for 1 dress for very long even being restricted so, but just change your poses a little bit every click and get into the right mood of your dress – that’s all you need to do.


With the tops (and t-shirts) it is usually the same story as with the dresses: see the type of a top and pose accordingly. With the tops you can do more leg poses (if the legs are in frame).

Formal wear:

To pose for formal wear you need to highlight the pockets, collar, etc. important details and to have serious type of expressions (usually). Just imagine yourself as rich businessman or businesswoman.


Jackets can be formal and casual. So, you have to pose according to it. Also, as previously mentioned, highlight the pockets and other important details of the clothes.


Jeans and other denims usually require a cool kind of face expressions. For the jeans – do more poses with the legs (unless it’s e-commerce or client’s restrictions), for other denims – highlight details accordingly.

Indian wear:

Indian wear often requires happy or elegant kind of face expressions (sometimes happy-shy for female models) and quite different kind of posing. There is some static leg position for saree shoots so you have to pose only with the hands and face. Kurtis and other types of Indian wear also have limited leg and hand poses, such as pictured below and variations of it.

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Sport wear:

Sport wear often requires poses actually looking like real sport exercises. You may need to jump and “run” for the whole day sometimes. But sometimes it is just simple poses.

Sports Luxe Editorial by Jay Mawson


Posing for bags requires sometimes a little bit unnatural for real life poses: you need to show the bags in a creative way, yet, not to cover important details of it, such as logo, etc.


Shooting for shoes is, probably, the most tricky out of all the types of commercial posing. Because to highlight the shoes, especially when you have the complete fashionable outfit on you and the photographer clicks full shots, can be not easy. You have to make an accent on your legs and shoes on them as much as possible, moving shoes a little but in front your whole body (photographer, most probably, would click you from bottom angle in such case – like this the shoes would look the most highlighted). But if the client doesn’t want to deform your figure on the pictures, suppose, you can sit or lay down making accent on your legs. Photographer can take also crop shots, in such case it is easier – you just have to pose with the legs.


Posing for glasses usually requires cool kind of expressions but sometimes it needs other type of expressions as well, such as happy or formal. Experiment with the expressions and face angles here, change your face angle really a little bit but every click – like this you can give many different poses. For the hands position – you can keep the glasses frame with one hand from a side or touch your chin with a hand slightly. Other portrait hand positions are usually don’t look good for glasses shoots.

Jewelry and watches

Jewelry and watches advertisements require their highlighting, of course. Make sure you don’t cover the jewelry with your hands – it can be tricky sometimes. For female models jewelry posing requires usually soft/ elegant/ happy expressions and good amount of portrait hand positions. Take care of your fingers to look elegantly. Male models usually require cool kind of expressions for jewelry and watches shoots.

Cosmetics and hair products:

In this category come all the types of cosmetics: make-up, creams, nail polishes, shampoos, perfumes, etc. Usually such shootings don’t happen too often to models (and if they do, it is mostly the part of campaigns where you would require to shoot for a video advertisement as well). For this kind of products you might have to pose with them too but can be without them as well. So how do you highlight the products in such case? You show the result of their work on your skin, hair, etc. and your happiness about it (even if you actually didn’t use them). For perfumes you are usually required to give sensitive kind of expressions.


If you are going to work for lingerie, you need to learn the lingerie type of posing as well. It requires usually sexy kind of expressions and posing (sometimes happy though). But not too much sexy, because it is an advertisement. Sometimes photographers like to do overly sexy pictures for their profiles, such kind of pictures that are called “bold” in India or considered a boudoir style in photography – for lingerie adds you don’t need to do that (girls can do it for male magazines – but it’s not really considered a part of modeling). For most of the paid lingerie assignments you need to look just elegantly sexy. Most of the female lingerie adds are meant for women, not for men. So what you need to do? Right, highlight the lingerie.

Face expressions:

As you have already learnt, commercial posing usually requires happy, elegant, sexy or cool face expressions. For some clients face expressions can matter more than the posing, because commercial posing can be still told to the model how to do right on the shoot (unlike with high-fashion posing – about high-fashion posing you can read Here) – but better do not risk it, especially on paid assignments. With the face expressions things are more complicated – it has to come from you for sure, and it has to look natural, not fake. Face expressions require you to practice more than the poses. Some models do think they will get practice on the shoots but I strictly recommend you to practice as much as you can in front of the mirror – you want to get a reputation of good and professional model, right?

Basic commercial poses for female models:

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Basic commercial poses for male models:


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