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I am not a travel agency, but I am someone who wants to make the life between the countries easier for people: to show you travel hacks I have learnt over years, to talk about the challenges of immigrants no one talks about, about the realities of international marriages, about the cultures types and how they effect our mindsets….And, the most important, to break the stereotypes and to remove fears from people minds.

I have called my blog “Intercultural life”. Intercultural – means taking place between 2 or more cultures. This is the space where I live now. This is the space where most of immigrants do live. Once you started to travel and especially once you have moved abroad, you can never think the standard way of a person who belongs to your native culture anymore. But no matter for how long you have lived in a foreign country, you can never think a local people standard way as well. You will always fit more cultural mindsets than just one in your mind. It can be interesting but it can be extremely hard as well. Up to 77-88% immigrants are being hit with the phenomenon that is called “immigrants depression”. And mostly it happens because it is something almost no one knows about before moving abroad. There is a lot of things people can’t just know about the cultures of their future countries, even if they have traveled there not once.

This is why I have started this blog. To bring awareness. Mostly I will talk about the cultures of Russia ans India, because these are the basic countries of my life for now (I am Russian but married to an Indian, so I do live in India now), so this blog can be helpful for people who want to understand the mindsets of my both countries, people who are going to go through the same experience as me – moving to India, as they can get prepared to many of nuances of Indian culture before so will be able to easier integrate; I am open for the questions about life in Russia as well, because I talk less about Russian culture than Indian here (but political comments and harassment are prohibited in my blog). And some of the issues I will raise from a wider perspective.

In the 21st century, when the borders are as open as never before, when people immigrate more often than ever, this is something humanity needs to except and seriously think about. People should learn to live with the people of another nations and races peacefully, with open minds, without thinking of them as different. Some countries, that have many immigrants already, are few steps ahead in this. Though, problems do happen there as well. But some countries (and India and Russia, both, according to me, can be included in this list) don’t seem to be mentally too much open and prepared for this matter. People can be open for tourists but still treat immigrants with racism, or just “not like us”, as the result immigrants face: psychological isolation, segregation, assimilation of the new culture except of integration etc (I will explain what all these phenomenons mean in my posts). I want to help people to see foreigners as just people not as “different from us”.

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Vegetarian recipes (Indian, Russian, Continental and more) – you can find it Here;

Vegetarian restaurants and cafes in Russia with Google maps locations (so it would be easier for Indian people and other vegetarians to find vegetarian food in my country) – this page is coming soon and will be able to find it Here;

Sights of India – tips for visiting famous places, the list of not typical for tourists places to visit in India, with Google maps locations – you can find it Here;

My personal reviews of the restaurants, services and brands I have experienced in India – you can find it Here;

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