Vegetarian (&Vegan) burger, Indian style

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In India, as I have already mentioned earlier, vegetarian burgers are usually made with a potato patty, and not with soy cutlet or other meat substitutes. The recipe for vegetarian burger is extremely simple, but only if you cook potato patties in advance and buy unsweetened (burger) buns in the store – otherwise you still have to spend a little more time and effort for cooking your burger – but then, you can make sure it is more natural! The recipe below is the most standard vegetarian burger recipe in India.


  • Buy or make burger buns;
  • Cook potato patties;
  • Spread the sauces to taste on your burger buns. It can be ketchup, mayonnaise (vegetarian) and other sauces (for example, cheese sauce – if you are not a vegan). In India, burgers can also be prepared with green chutney – Indian sauce from coriander and mint – such sauce will definitely be a good healthy alternative for other sauces;
  • Put a leaf of lettuce and onion rings on a burger bun – to taste;
  • Add tomato and cucumber, also cut in rings;
  • Add potato patty;
  • Add a slice of cheese (if you are not a vegan);
  • Add another leaf of lettuce;
  • Top it with another bun;
  • Your veggie burger is ready!

Bon Appetit!

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