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Hello, Friends! Meet my husband Bhimanshu. We have been married already for almost 2 years! And here is unusual about us:

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  • My husband is a photographer. And, knowing about my work as a model in India, it is easy to guess how we met 🙂 ;
  • We are not seen as a married couple by unknown people most of the times. Neither in India, nor in Russia. My husband is 31 years old, I am 28, but by Delhi stereotypes we look more like a couple of students “sinfully living together.” In Russia, my husband too was sometimes perceived as a student. And sometimes I was asked in the shops if I am his translator, ha-ha;
  • Between each other we use English, mixing it with some of Russian and Hindi (most often in jokes). We also learn the languages ​​of each other and translate things to our families;
  • And yes, about families: both our families have accepted our marriage quite easily. We didn’t have to convince them for long and go thorough any kind of drama;
  • We have not completely decided in which country we are going to live in (many factors matter in this, which I am not ready to discuss publicly). Now we live in India, but we are considering other options too. In this regard, I ask no advises, please;
  • We both do not fit in the definitions of typical mentalities of our countries and somehow we had very similar mindsets already when we met. I know for sure that I could not be together with a typical Indian man. Therefore, I was not forced for anything Indian: I didn’t have to change my religion (in India it is illegal actually, but still happens a lot), nobody forces me to wear Indian clothes, and many other stereotypes like this… 🙂 ;
  • The only thing I had to change was to learn how to cook Indian food. Well, not exactly “I had to” – no one forced me (if it would be forced, maybe I would not have learned – otherwise it was very fast and easy for me). Although in terms of food, my husband is not as traditional as some people here either. And I easily adapted to Indian food, because I myself a vegetarian for 11 years already and had spent a lot of time in Asia – I had lost the habit to Russian food. My husband is also a vegetarian. Therefore, in my blog you can find many vegetarian and vegan recipes, mainly Indian cuisine, but not only;
  • We are both introverts and we don’t like parties;
  • We didn’t have a typical Indian wedding! (and Russian one too). We actually did not want to celebrate our wedding at all (because of the previous point, ha-ha), but we had to. How it was (and also about the documents) I will tell later;
  • We don’t wear marriage rings – we just don’t like rings. I stopped liking and wearing rings over the years of working as a model (models aren’t allowed to wear rings on shoots & fashion shows – even marriage rings, except for the rings designers ask for). In India, marriage rings, by the way, are not that common (in Russia just everyone wears them). Here a woman should wear a large number of red bangles on both hands + a red hair partition drawn by a husband for some time after marriage. Everyone now does it for a different amount of time: some women for several months, some for a year, some for longer than a year, but rarely some Indian women may not wear them at all. I did not wear them either. For men, by the way, there are no such symbols of marriage as for women in India, which is unfair, according to me (and according to modern Indian youth as well);
  • I also did not change my surname after marriage. I have nothing against it, but in such marriages it is already much more complicated with the documents: you need to take care of the documents in both countries, plus you are limited by visas and everything is not being done very fast and cheap – so it would be a lot of extra headache for us. Many women in international marriages do not change their surnames, actually. Later I already liked keeping my surname – it feels like more equality.

Tell us something unusual about yourself 🙂

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