Semolina sandwich

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Semolina sandwich – it’s modern Indian Vegetarian breakfast recipe. It does not take much time to cook it and it is very simple as well.

Recipe (for 4-6 sandwiches):

– Take a half cup of semolina;

– Add 1/4 cup of yogurt and 1/4 cup of water to it – it should not be too much liquid;

– Soak the mix for 10 minutes;

– Add 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped capsicum and 1 chopped tomato, 1 green chili if you want to make it spicy and a little bit of coriander or any other greenery according to your taste;

– Add 1/2 tea spoon of salt, 1/4 tea spoon of black paper and 1/4 tea spoon of red chili powder

-Apply the semolina mix on bread from one or both sides – how you wish, and fry it on medium flame until its ready.

Bon Appetit!

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