Photo Contest India

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This post is for everyone interested in photography. Please visit the webiste – a website created by my friends, where regular contests on genres of street, nature, portrait photography are going on, and every month Prime Contest on a different theme.

Also check: Miniso Delhi

If you are from India: don’t miss your opportunity for a recognition! 

Also on this website you can find the jobs postings for photographers from different cities and the articles about photography, famous photographers (Indian and International, past and modern), their stories of success and inspiration, reviews of new cameras for different levels of professionalism and types of photography, and more…

If you are from another country and  want to see the works of Indian talents, the pictures of local wild animals in their natural habitat, the diverse nature of different states of India, Indian colorful streets and people in their daily lives, please visit, it’s interesting there!

To check my reviews of other services, restaurants, hotels and events in India, Click Here

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