Lodhi Art District

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About this place I have got to know not so much time ago, though it started to appear in 2016. Lodhi Art District – it is a few streets of buildings painted with graffitis. But the style of these graffitis is different from the style of street art we are used to.

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Some of the graffitis show daily Indian life, some of them pick up serious issues of modern life, such as problems of ecology, and some are just are just being representatives on modern art.

Graffitis of Lodhi Art District are very big, almost all of them are 2-4 floors buildings tall. And there is many of them, so the process of making the Lodhi Art District surely was effort-taking.

Lodhi Art District is a truly amazing place. And I am not saying this to advertise it. It is maybe not for everyone, but for people who want to see a different, modern part of India, and surely for people who do not consider graffiti art as vandalism. By the way, these graffitis were not made illegally but by the query of the governments. According to data, in the process of making Lodhi Art District were participating 25 street artists from all over India.

To see all of the graffitis, you would need to walk a dozen of streets. Yet, you might miss a few artistic walls or buildings, because they are located randomly, not along one long street. Some of the graffitis, which were made the first, 3 years ago, already do not look so colorful and paint in some of their places started to go off, unfortunately. This is because of Delhi’s harsh sun.

Lodhi Art District now is one of the most popular places for local photographers and fashion bloggers. So do not be surprised if you see quite many of them there, or if you see not traditionally looking women but fashionable young girls, probably with colorful hair and in short skirts.

The Lodhi Art District is located not so far from Lodhi Gardens, obviously, one of the most famous places to visit in Delhi. To reach there you need to come by cab/ auto-rickshaw, because the metro station is not so near – around 2 km away. If you want to save money on transport, you can reach Jorbagh metro station and then take auto-rickshaw. There is not need to pay for the entry anywhere in Lodhi Art District as well. After reaching, just walk around and enjoy colorful streets!

Do not forget about Delhi heat if you are traveling not in winters. Needs to say, as well, that there is almost no restaurants, cafes and even small shops at Lodhi Art District, you would need to walk a little far to find a water or some food. So it is better you have it with you.

  • Address
    261, Block, 15, Block 15, Lodi Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India

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