“Joy Luck Moon” restaurant

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“Joy Luck Moon” is a Chinese and Pan-Asian restaurant, located in famous shopping mall in Delhi – Select City Walk.

The restaurant is nice, the food was tasty and the staff was polite. But they didn’t serve sticks to us with Chinese food, although they did it for some other visitors. And once the waiter forgot to bring a salad that was the part of the dish to us as well.

The prices in the “Joy Luck Moon” restaurant are not very cheap, but not too expensive as well. For two people on average you will spend Rs.1000-2000 ($14-28).

From minuses I would mention that the space between the tables seemed to be very less – sometimes even waiters couldn’t squeeze between them. Also, the restaurant didn’t have a washroom available for visitors. And, in the Internet it is written that this restaurant has a terrace, but we couldn’t see any.

But overall, I liked this place and especially the food there.

  • Address
    “Joy Luck Moon” restaurant, Select City Walk, Delhi

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