Indian stereotypes about foreigners: “They are rich”

Ha-ha. No, seriously. This is just funny but…Sad…

Will tell again, I am not telling this all about the stereotypes to show some aggression towards Indian people but to raise awareness that these kind of stereotypes may have consequences in the lives of people that are in no fault of it at all.

The stereotype about foreigners being rich makes people to try to cheat us on prices much more and put us in bigger danger of being robbed. No, of course not poor Indians are in that danger too, but the prices that are being told to foreigners can be crazily much more. Apart from the fact that entry fees to many sights in India are also much bigger for foreigners. When you are travelling it’s still ok but when you are foreigner living in India, married to Indian, and people still consider you “a stupid foreigner” (and this, probably, will never stop, Indians never consider a foreigner can be NOT a tourist) – this is too much. When you are living in India, you, of course learn to bargain (although Indians usually bargain a lot only with poor people but show off money in other things – so create this financial gap between people even more). But still – some people consider that you look “rich” just because you are a foreigner, especially if you are white. Because in India there is a belief still that white-looking white people are more rich. So at times it can be just more devastating and time-consuming for you than for Indians. Specially if you have restrictions for work or you are being fooled with the salary, and you are also someone who has to save a lot for just going to meet your family – who cares? I have been seriously told so: “You are white, you look rich”.

For many Indians, especially the poor ones, the very fact that you were able to come to their country (which is now considered to be one of the cheapest countries to travel in the world, by the way), means that you are a rich person. Even if in your country there is a social packages from the governments that they do not have, so they are often richer, simply because they need to earn money for EVERYTHING themselves – most Indians do not know about it. In India there is no pensions for elderly people – India had them before but it was cancelled because more people here can live over 90 years and governments would have to pay them for over 30 years. So now elderly parents considered to be complete financial responsibility of their adult children (but mostly sons). In Russia pension it’s not much but in some European countries it can be up to 1500-2000 euros. Indian people do not have kids early now, do not marry early now, and the time they have kids matches the time they have to take care of parents mostly. And having kids is a huge decision in India too – suppose in Russia there is a free education of every type (kindergarten, school, college, university, post-graduation). In India there are some free schools but they won’t fit all the kids in the country and many people don’t want to send their kids there – because they tell that those schools don’t have good education quality and the child will be surrounded by “bad crowd” (poor people kids). Same things about hospitals – but to make this easier people here can at least make health insurance. There is no pensions/ payments to disabled people in India as well: in Russia, suppose, even people who have diabetes are considered partly disabled (partly unable to work) and so receive payments every month for their whole lives. Obviously, people with more serious problems, like people who don’t have parts of body, receive it too, of course. But in India even they don’t – and this is very sad.. Things are not perfect about it in Russia (Russian people often complain that they have less payments and bonuses than people in Europe) and in India there is a big population so the country can not provide it, I understand. Though it is stressful for me. But the point I am trying to say that foreigners can save for travel because of the government bonuses that make having kids and elderly parents easier for them, they don’t have to be rich for that. Indians often travel too, but for that they have to be indeed more rich, maybe that’s the whole reason of this stereotype.

At the same time somehow, many of young Indians have been spoiled by their parents for much longer than we are: Russian-speaking countries, Europeans, Americans, Brazilians (I have met people from different countries working as a model – and yes, by the way, models are not rich as well – International models work for free often their whole few months contracts!). If you will say in India that you worked during your student life (especially not on prestigious job, like a cashier or so), Indians will, most likely, consider you from a rather poor family, and not as an young independent person, how it is normal on the west. Just because this is how classification works in the Indian standard way of thinking. Indian parents believe that their kids will not be able to study properly if they work part time. And that spoiling kids means bigger love. Parents here also are not asking their kids to move out after certain age, Indian girls often keep taking money from parents until they get married even if they are working, even if they are 24-26 years old. And then, Indians are the ones that have the most expensive weddings in the world (about Indian weddings you can Read Here).

Yes, there are bigger MINIMUM salaries on the west, but there are bigger prices for life also than in India mostly. The difference is far not only in the salaries, I do believe.

Previously mentioned breaks the stereotype about Indian being a poor country. Indian people don’t like this stereotype, but foreigners think so because they see beggars on the streets (and beggars stick to them more – also because they think foreigners are rich). So let’s just all remove stereotypes from our minds? Nobody likes it.

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