Indian stereotypes about foreigners: “They are not like us”

Stereotypes of Indian people about foreigners are very strange, not quite realistic, but for some reason, most people believe in them. Today we will talk about the stereotype “Foreigners are not like us”.

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The more I travel, the more I realize that all people are the same and yet ALL people are different. Of course, mentalities of the countries play big role on psychologies of nations but…Our bodies and psychics work the same way. But in India I see that many people like to pay attention to differences between the groups of people more: even between each other, not just with the foreigners. In India there is belief that people from the same cast, religion and similar financial background have much more chances to successful marriage, for example, as if it means they will have similar natures also. Because of this accenting on differences with foreigners people imagine the differences to be much more just, which often sounds to me as we, foreigners, can, i don’t know, fly, suppose. Many Indians really perceive foreigners as some sort of aliens: they stare at you as if you had fallen from the sky – or at least it feels so (and many foreigners have told like this), sometimes Indian people wonder when you perform ordinary human actions, when you can say a few words in Hindi, or opposite – they demonstratively ignore you, don’t say “Hello”, for example, while saying to others if they meet you every day, or don’t sit near you in public transport, etc. Sometimes I really feel like saying: “People! I’m JUST a human! ”

My husband is a photographer and once he had a child’s photoshoot with 2 girls, 6 and 2 years old, I helped him. And while he was photographing the 6-year-old, the 2-year-old began to run around the studio and ran quite far. I went, took her hand and led her back. To what the girl, who then worked in their studio, gave a very surprised reaction. Which looked like: “Do you have children on your “ planet ”too?” Their reaction of a foreigner doing something looks similar to the surprise of adults at the moment when a small child is doing something new for the first time.

By the way, as the Indians themselves say, they stare at foreigners (to read more about staring please Click Here) with the thoughts: “What does he/she do in India?”, but they say they are too shy to ask (although some people may actually ask you, in subway for example). But most will just stare at you with a strange look (like the guy on the left on the picture), until your paths diverge, as if staring will help them to get an answer…

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