Indian stereotypes about foreigners: “Foreigner girls can’t cook”

Another “can’t imagine from where does it come from” type of stereotype.

What is strange, but I have met many Indian girls who do not know how to cook, but not a single Russian (I am from Russia). I can’t say about another countries in general, but because of my experience as an international model (to read about me please Click Here), I have lived with the girls from different countries – and I can’t say that some particular nation girls can’t cook, just some certain girls. But people in India, for some reason, apply this stereotype too widely, as if Indian women are the only ones who know how to cook in the whole world…

Mothers tell so to their sons – that foreigner girls can’t cook – I don’t know why. Even those mothers who have had cook maids themselves since they were young. Maybe they just don’t want their sons to date or marry foreigners, they assume so.

Before, when me and my husband were not married, I was thinking that learning how to cook Indian food will be difficult – because Indian people tell so. But it was surprisingly easy and fast for me – I have learnt it just watching YouTube recipes videos or reading cooking blogs. Most of the difference, actually, is in usage of various amount of spices. So if you know basic cooking, it won’t be difficult for you to learn how to cook Indian food as well. Of course, if you have never done any cooking in your life – then yes, any kitchen, not just Indian, will be difficult. But Indian people around me were so much surprised I was able to cook Indian food as if have done something super-extraordinary (even my gold medal in studies and many other talents surprise people less here). And I wasn’t even the girl who was cooking from childhood – I can tell living alone helps it more.

Indian mothers try to force their daughters to cook even when they have cooks. But you must know that maids in India work for 2-3k rupees ($28-43) in a month (!) and for that price they will come twice a day, to cook all 3 meals for you (I will write more about it, but Indians don’t often even consider how EXTREMELY low it is – when Indians move abroad, they might be shocked about prices for service). So it’s totally understood why girls don’t want to learn cooking. Almost anybody can pay it (except poor people themselves). Apart from it, there is really many cheap cafes and restaurants in India, with home delivery. But mothers in India still want their daughters to learn cooking, because it is something that is usually being asked in marriage arrangements, mothers-in-law can be strict about it as well – it can be just principle thing for them, sometimes maids don’t just come and it can be not easy to find cook maid whose food you will like. I personally don’t have a cook, I have only cleaning maid.

P.S.: I was not forced to learn to cook Indian food and this is why I was interested in it – forcing would kill that interest for sure. So I totally recommend to Indians who have foreigner girlfriends/ wives/ daughters-in-law – not to force them – forcing just makes people stubborn, that’s all.

P.P.S.: I am not trying to imply here that every woman should know how to cook. All I am trying to say that is wrong to apply such kind of stereotypes – it’s racist kind of thinking. Especially it is not right for elders to teach their kids racism.

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