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I respect the science of psychology more than any other. So I do seriously think that countries should be ruled with the help of psychologists: there are the reasons why in some country it is a lot car accidents, in another a lot of rape cases, and in third a lot murders, etc.

And these reasons are in the minds of people ❗ If it happens massively, means many people have similar mental issues. Why? Lack of education in the country? Social pressure? Gender strict roles? A lot of rejections? Bulling experience? Too strict and hurting parents that created “rebellious” nature? Or just environment pressure to show off?

I believe that ALL the future parents should go through psychological training before having a child. Teachers usually have a psychological training, but yet many of them underestimate the importance of it in their work.

Yes, there are many cases when people became serial killers because of traumatizing experience in their childhood. And no, I don’t mean to blame anybody in their childhood lives – I know many people would see it as “disrespect”. I mean to blame the society that creates maybe too wrong standards of raising the kids – out of lack of knowledge.

I think we ALL should also have psychological training as the most important subject in schools – we ALL should know how to help mentally ourselves and other people just like we learn about the first aid ❗ Most of us don’t know the right words to say to depressed and suicidal people, what to tell about psychopaths ⁉️ There are some mental reasons why they are like that, because NOBODY was born a killer, rapist, etc…Everybody was a cute innocent child in the starting of their lives..

And yes, I believe such training should happen to EVERYONE, even the people who can’t afford education (in the countries where it’s not available for everyone) – for FREE ‼️ Otherwise it would not make sense…

Obviously, it shouldn’t be SHAMEFUL to go to professional psychologist as well, same like we go to a doctors about physical issues. We care so much about our psychical health. But do you know that the person with mental issues has PHYSICAL changes in his/her brain as well? We underestimate mental issues unless they become serious mental diseases when they person has to stay in psychiatric clinic already – but what about all the time before it happened to the person and no one probably even noticed? Could you stay so careless about your physical health that you would go to a doctor only when you have a serious problem that can already hardly be cured? And what about your child? If you or somebody else (not intentionally) harm your child physically – you hurry to take him/her to doctor or at least to do something yourself. You know that otherwise things will go worse. But what about if you or someone else hurts your child mentally and you do nothing? You don’t think that it may start growing inside of him/her too….

When the child is doing something great, parents and schools are taking the pride on themselves. But when child grows up psychopath, a criminal, a rapist, especially if many of them happen to be in the same society, people just blame them. Or the “streets” (which can be in fault too but not necessarily).

I am not trying to instill the idea of looking for the people to blame and to excuse the criminals, no. All I am trying to say that if EVERYONE would know how human psyche works, we could avoid many horrible things in their roots, not just to deal with the crime and punishment. Punishment doesn’t always help. What is the point of us having so much of useless knowledge and not having the important, life saving? The point is to say to respect people to ALREADY psychopaths won’t work just…But we can prevent many other people of not becoming psychopaths…

In one psychological book (Mikhail Litvak) I have read that if everyone would follow their parents experience – there wouldn’t be ever a progress in the world ever. And that instead parents should give up the idea that they know everything better. People tend to always judge the present times and compare the past times to be better in many things. But is it really the truth? Was it less crime? Was it more safe? Well, not always. Rape has happened in the history much more than now, murder has happened in the history much more than now, just for different reasons, it was more likely to stay unpunished and we didn’t hear about it THAT MUCH from the media – that’s the all difference. Past times is something we already know while future seems unstable and scary, that is why we and our parents tend to keep the idea of what we already know. Every generation has got a new kind of issues, something their parents didn’t go through, and there are many issues most of the people don’t know how to solve now because society didn’t face this kind of problems in the past. But this is something that has happened to people ALWAYS, the world was ALWAYS changing. And, yes, indeed, we would still behave like ancient people if everybody in the history would follow their parents experience only. We are not learning from the ancient people now, right? We can admit that previous generations could be wrong in something and yet respect them but live differently, isn’t? Don’t start blaming them – it’s very childish – but try doing something different yourself – for better in the world!

And…Well, I believe that the countries should learn MENTALLY from each other. To see how people in the another countries where THAT crime that bothers your country a lot almost doesn’t happen THINK. What’s different in their MINDSETS first of all ⁉️ We adopt clothes, music, food, business ideas but if we can’t adopt important things, what’s the point of all of this?

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