Hotel “Zolotoy Kolos”, Moscow

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Usually I write not bad reviews, but this one will certainly be not a good one. The hotel is terrible. For this price (2600 rubles per day, and it was a discount offer on as well) in Moscow you can find good hotels – this hotel should not cost over 1000 rubles per night FOR SURE. But the photos on booking were good, and the reviews were normal (I don’t know if real, though).

The hall to the cafeteria

This hotel has several buildings and having arrived at one, you can be put in another, and the staff would just send you across the road with all your bags, not trying to help. Even if you have a lot of things (my husband and I were traveling from Delhi to Krasnodar, my hometown in Russia, and stayed in Moscow for a day, for example, so we had more than one bag with us). Also for breakfast you will have to go to another building as well, if you haven’t been put to stay in the building with the cafeteria.

It all started from us arriving at the hotel earlier (usually the normal hotel registration time in Russia is 2 PM, not 12 PM) due to the early flight (which came at 5 AM but we have reached the hotel by around 11 AM), to what the girl at the reception rolled her eyes and rudely answered about extra-payments (which were half price of a night-stay). Most of the hotels in Russia reply politely if they don’t have a room ready at the moment and you can leave your bags in the locker room or they let you in 2-3 hours earlier if they have a room ready as well. We have left the bags in the locker room (at least they have had one) and went to roam around, which was ok for us, but her polite answer would have been nicer. Though, the security guard in that building was very polite (unlike in the building where we were placed later).

The elevator

When we have returned to continue registration, we witnessed a fight: the reception girl was doing registration to several women (Russian) who were outraged about the lack of electric kettles and refrigerators in their rooms (which were mentioned in the booking information and were important for them by their words, but the hotel could not provide it). The receptionist did not even try to resolve the conflict and be friendly to them. She also warned them that there would be no hot water in their building. I also clarified about hot water issue, but we were placed in another building, the hot water was there. We have asked if there would be air conditioning in our room (it was in the summer and it was a very hot day), but we were told that the hotel has air conditioning only in luxury rooms. We have asked about the fan – she said to ask the reception worker in the building where we were going to be placed. All her answers had attitude in it.

Walls near to the elevator

When we have arrived at our building, the reception girl was busy with something and the security guard wanted to take us upstairs as fast as possible and was harrying me up. I said that I needed to ask her a question, to which he volunteered to answer himself. When I asked about the fan, he said that the fan unlikely would be available, because the fans are there only in comfort class rooms.

The elevator in our building was working only from the second floor and there were no ramps for luggage or prams even. We have had a lot of luggage, as I wrote above, and it was hard to lift it. The staff tried to help me with the luggage but not to my foreign husband (at my request to help him, they just muttered something strange).

The elevator

There was no air conditioning in the room and it was very hot (when we arrived, the window was also open at the afternoon, which only increased the temperature in the room), but we somehow have had a fan in the room. There was also a refrigerator (maybe our room belonged to the comfort class, but when I was booking it, the class was not mentioned and the reception staff did not even try to figure it out). There were also no outlets near to the beds, no bottles of water, no electric kettle, no tea and coffee bags, no toothbrushes and toothpaste (shampoo and shower gel were there, towels were too – at least). There was a water machine at the hall, there were glasses in the room, but they were looking very old: I have not seen such type of glasses soled in Russia for over 20 years. The fridge and hairdryer were good, the TV too. But a lot of things in this hotel were old, especially in the halls, the room was still ok.

The bed was normally made when we have arrived

In the evening, when we have returned after a walk, we have asked the receptionist for the Wi-Fi password (we forgot earlier because we were hurried up by the security) and asked if towels could be replaced in the morning, for what the reception girl gave me a strange look and asked: “What’s wrong with them? ” In general, any request at this hotel is denied and that too, with judgments. Wi-Fi, by the way, was also slow.

The hall near to the rooms

Breakfast was not bad, but there could have been more options. They didn’t make a hotel registration for my foreign husband as well. They promised to do it but in the end they didn’t give it to us.

The only thing that I really liked about this hotel was the location. It was located in a walking distance from VDNH (one of the most famous sights in Moscow) and the metro, as well as it had a supermarket at neighborhood. When I was booking, the city view was also mentioned, but the view was just ordinary: the road and another hotel (our hotel’s buildings were not high to talk about much view).

View from the window

Before arrival, the hotel did not respond to my message ( asked me about this). The Internet also says that this hotel has a spa and beauty salon, but, frankly, I have not seen anything like that.

In general, I do not recommend this hotel (we would have left if it were possible to cancel the reservation). I especially do not recommend visiting it for foreigners / with foreigners. Unless the hotel would drop it’s prices a lot – to make the quality match the prices. I don’t know, maybe it might seem to someone that I want too much, but I have stayed in Moscow not once – I have something to compare it with. And I can tell that I have seen even the hostels (which costed 300 rubles a night) with much better conditions and hospitality (in the center as well).

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