Hotel “Treebo Trend Mahraja”, Shimla

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Me and my husband have stayed in this hotel during our visit to Shimla for 3 days (2 nights) in the end of October 2019. The price on was mentioned around Rs.3500 for 2 nights, but we were charged more than Rs.4000 due to taxes (in India taxes aren’t always included in the prices so keep it in mind).

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Overall, I liked Treebo Mahraja: the staff was polite, the room was clean (and similar to pictures on – where we have booked it. Which is important, because, you know, the pictures aren’t always matching the reality of hotels). The room had TV, electric kettle, tea & coffee packets (with sugar and milk), shampoo & shower gel (2 in 1), towels but didn’t have hairdryer, toothpaste and toothbrushes, had only one (and not warm and new) pair of slippers, no bathrobes.

There was no heater as well (maybe it wasn’t a season yet. But normally hotels in this area should provide heaters in winters at least – since it’s cold there and no central heating). We have asked about possibility of getting a heater but the hotel didn’t provide it. Although, the room had two warm blankets, so it was still fine. The water in the shower kept turning cold after every 5 minutes of using it. But the hotel had, like every typical Indian house, a bucket and a ladle in the shower, so it was possible to put hot water in it and use it this way.

At the moment of our arrival and stay, the hotel had some sewage problems, there was dirty water and a bad smell on the stairs. For the same reason there was no buffet for breakfast (cafe was near to those stairs), only a room service was available. There was a few options for breakfast but all of them were Indian food.

Me and my husband don’t look like a married couple (from Indian point of view: I don’t dress up like Indian girl, don’t wear bangles which Indian girls wear for a while after marriage and we don’t have the same surname even). But the hotel didn’t ask for marriage certificate as a proof (many Indian hotels don’t let unmarried couples to stay together. Don’t know how about unmarried foreigners, but it is so when it comes to Indians or Indian + foreigner). But even when we have asked if the hotel needs our marriage certificate, they refused. So probably it is a couple-friendly hotel. The hotel provides C-form for foreigners as well.

The hotel is located NOT on the road, and cars aren’t allowed to go too much near it. From the nearest road there is around 500 meters walk, but by mountain path (so if you have too much of luggage, it can complicated for you). Mall road – famous street in Shimla is near but the hotel is not on it (how it was mentioned on – you would need to walk around 10-15 minutes to reach Mall Road.

Our room was on the 2nd floor and it didn’t have a mountain view, though there was a very beautiful view from higher floors.

The view from the window 🙂

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