Hotel “Paradiz”, Novorossiysk

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The hotel was quite good but it had its disadvantages.

“Paradiz” had very stylish interior, it was very clean and the manager was extremely polite. But the manager was doing literally everything herself – even ironing clothes and cooking breakfast, not just working at the reception – in fact, she was often not present there because of all other work she had to do.

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The breakfast was not a buffet but just an option to choose from three available: omelette, pancakes or buckwheat with sausage. Me and my husband are vegetarian people, so we practically could eat only buckwheat, the manager cut tomato to us with it instead of sausage. The hotel also didn’t have a working restaurant, except for this simple lunch restaurant, although had a beautifully made space for it. And there were almost no cafes around.

The room also didn’t have a balcony, though it was mentioned on It didn’t, as well, have hairdryer, fridge, water bottles, dustbin. But it had TV, air conditioner, many toiletries, clean towels, blankets, hangers, slippers. The washroom was quite dark, didn’t have enough lighting in it.

The location of “Paradiz” was not good for tourists at all: it was not even in Novorossiysk, but the place called Tsemdolina. It was very difficult to find a cab to go to this hotel from the train station, many drivers just refused going knowing the location. Uber and Yandex cabs weren’t working in Novorossiysk train station somehow at all – needed to go somewhat far away to make the apps work. The cab charges to Tsemdolina were also twice usual prices for such distance anywhere in Novorossiysk. The space around the hotel looked quite empty, though there was a big supermarket nearby and a bus station. It takes around 20 minutes from the hotel to reach the beach from Tsemdolina by cab or marshrutka, but marshrutkas or buses aren’t shown by Google maps there, you would have to ask people which can be complicated for a foreigner. Walking distance otherwise was shown 1.5 hours, so it’s not the place to stay for sure if you are coming for the beach to this city. The beach transfer was mentioned in the hotel description but wasn’t available when we were there.

Overall the place was fine but very polite manager played really big role in it. She also doesn’t speak English. By her words this hotel is actually not a hotel, how it was mentioned, but a guest house. I don’t recommend it to foreigners: it will be complicated + they don’t make a registration.

Our room’s booking price was 1800 rubles per night.

  • Address
    Novorossiysk, Tsemdolina, Ulitsa Fabrichnaya, 53

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