Homemade french fries

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It’s actually pretty easy to make your favorite french fries yourself at home!


  • Take 1 big or 2 medium potatoes;
  • Slice them in 1 cm wide slices, then cut them in long (1 cm wide as well) pieces;
  • Add some salt to your potatoes, mix them;
  • Before frying, put potatoes on a clean napkin so it would soak excess water and potato juices;
  • You can also coat potato slices in a flour but it’s optional;
  • First deep fry your potatoes on a low flame, remove them on a paper kitchen towel;
  • Then deep fry them again, but already on a high flame, after remove them on a paper kitchen towel as well (so that it would soak excess oil);
  • Your french fries are ready. Bon appetit! ♥️

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