Holi – The Festival of colors

How do Holi celebrations happen in India?

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Holi – Indian holiday, which is celebrated in throwing colors at each other, is known, probably, by everyone! In some sense Holi has got an international level – the same fun being arranged in another countries (in Russia too), but it can, of course, be on another day and not to have the same size and significance as in India. The date of Holi is not fixed, it usually happens in March. This year it happened on 21st March, last year in the beginning of the month – 2nd March.

Holi is a religious Festival, one of the most important in a year for Hindus. I will not go into details, will just say that the meaning is the victory of good over evil. But not only Hindus do celebrate it, people of other religions are interested in it too.

People throw colors at each other EVERYWHERE, not just in a fenced areas. No, in the fenced territories, at parties, it, of course, also happens, starting a few days before Holi itself: in different places on different days. Also 1-2 weeks before, and especially a couple of days before, people throw water balloons at each other and strangers. It means you can just go to work or somewhere else and someone can throw balloon filled with water on your head from the balcony! Or you can be in auto-rickshaw stopped for traffic lights and get the “water hit” all of a sudden! And I’m not exaggerating – these are very typical examples! I have received the “water balloon” once too, when traveled in auto-rickshaw. But, this is usually done by children or teenagers.

On Holi itself people have a free day and it is customary to dress in old clothes and expect that anyone on the street can throw colors at you. Nowadays people prefer going to parties more, get together at the neighbors or relatives places, so the streets are becoming more empty – but it doesn’t mean that you can go out and expect to remain clean..Even stray dogs end up colorful this day! Kids like to play with water pistols as well. The weather in March in most of the Indian states is usually already not cold and allows this fun to happen without the harm for health.

If you wish to see the most colorful Festival in India, then you should definitely travel here in March – according to me it is one of the most comfortable months to visit India from the sense of the weather as well. But also the celebrations of Holi are usually being organized in another countries by Indian embassies or culture centers – you can join it such way next year as well!

Needs to remember that the colors can take a few days to get washed from your body. Indians who do not like this fun, usually don’t go out of house this day at all!:)

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