“Ghoomar Traditional Thali” restaurant

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This restaurant is quite famous in Delhi, among all the age-groups, not just young people. This is the place to go with the family. For foreigners in India I advice to go there to try traditional Indian Thali – means to try a big variety of dishes, and for quite cheap price – just Rs.495 (almost $7) for adults and Rs.295 ($4) for children + taxes (because in Indian restaurants taxes are not included in the prices of food).

There is practically no menu in this restaurant. Thali can just change a little every day. Sharing is also not allowed in Ghoomar – everyone should order their own Thali and get A LOT of food: different types of main course, breads, desserts and drinks. The food will keep being brought to you while you are dining. I personally have tried Thali a few times in my life and could never finish it – for me it seems like a plate for 2 people at least.

Thali, not even full but what was initially brought
Later there was a lot more food to come

This restaurant is “pure vegetarian” place – which means lacto-vegetarian in India. The food, however, seemed really very spicy to me – although I am usually OK with Indian spicy food. So in case you are a foreigner who wants to go there, prepare yourself for REALLY spicy food!

I liked the interior, the wear of waiters matching it and even provided for each guest traditional cap (the cover picture is the picture of me in such cap). If you want to feel traditional Indian atmosphere – you will surely like this place!

The interior

What I didn’t like, was the waiters trying to ask my husband questions about me being a foreigner. In India as a foreigner you already receive a lot of (sometimes unwanted) attention almost everywhere, which seems amusing just initially but when you stay in the country for a long time, you want to feel as a normal human being, well, at least in restaurants (with what it’s usually fine even in small cafes of Delhi).

The restaurant is located in Connaught Place, block C – it’s easy to reach and find.

  • Address
    Ghoomar Traditional Thali restaurant, Connaught Place

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