“Fuji”, Japanese restaurant

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I really liked this restaurant! They have actually Japanese people working there, Japanese people also come to have a meal at this restaurant which means the food suppose to be authentic. Plus, because it is in India, it has many vegetarian options as well, more than Japanese restaurants in another countries usually have for sure.

The interior of the restaurant was usual, nothing extraordinary but the seats were located that way that it looked like there is no space almost, though it isn’t really like that. The toilet there was that kind of technological toilets like you have heard about Japan 😅

The prices in the restaurant are affordable, we have spent there Rs.1500 ($21) for dinner for two.

Restaurant is located in Connaught Place, the location is exact on Google maps, so Fuji restaurant is easy to find.

  • Address
    Fuji, Japanese restaurant, New-Delhi

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