Eggless potato patties Indian way

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Potato patties are very popular dish in India! And, as you remember from the article about vegetarianism in India, lacto-vegetarianism is common here – which is, the consumption of dairy products, but not eggs. Therefore, eggs in India are often not added even to pastries, cakes, and, off course, cutlets. On the basis of such eggless potato patties there are a lot of dishes prepared in India, especially fast food dishes: most of vegetarian burgers in India are made with potato patty, not with soya cutlet, suppose (including McDonalds, KFC and others popular fast food branches), sandwiches, subs (including the popular Subway branch), etc. Also, potato cutlets are consumed by Indian people just like that, with sauces (different types of chatni – Indian souces, yogurt and sometimes ketchup), onions or other vegetables (see the picture below) – this dish is sold a lot by street food vendors.

In India potato patties called Aloo Tikki. They can be consumed as a snack generally at any time of the day, or as breakfast as well. Aloo Tikki can be prepared in a wide variety of ways: with the addition of peas, cheese, paneer (cottage cheese), different vegetables, etc., right up to the simplest recipe, not only without eggs, but also without any flour.

The recipe without the flour:

  • Boil the potatoes and mush them. For this recipe it is very important that potatoes wouldn’t be liquid, so don’t use cooked mashed potatoes – Indians generally don’t cook this meal at all (and find it strange, but in Russia it’s very famous, suppose) – they just mash boiled potatoes with hands or masher (fork can be used for this matter as well but I haven’t seen Indian people using it);
  • Add the spices to taste. For this recipe in India people usually add black pepper, red chili powder, salt and sometimes others spices (like chat masala), but usually most of other Indian spices aren’t added to this recipe because they require longer cooking;
  • Vegetables are usually not added to this recipe too because cutlets without the flour are generally more difficult to keep together;
  • Form the patties and fry them from both sides until they turn golden;
  • Patties are ready!

*Patties without the flour require much less of frying than cutlets with the flour. But yes, such cutlets do not hold as well as cutlets with the flour do, so better to make them in more flat shape, or opposite – small balls, but not oval shape, especially not big ovals.

Recipe with flour:

  • You can use leftover mashed potatoes dish for this recipe as well, the main thing is that it should be cold and not too liquid. Or, just boil potatoes and mush/ grate them, like for the recipe before;
  • Add refined wheat flour with the calculation of 1.5 tbsp. per 200 grams of mushed potato;
  • Add salt, spices to taste and other additives you desire (chopped vegetables, mushrooms, paneer, cheese, peas or corn);
  • Mix “the dough” well. If your cutlets are still liquid and hard to form -add more flour – such cutlets should stick together very well, even without the eggs. And, on the contrary, if there is too much of flour, you can add a little bit of water or yogurt (plain yogurt, of course);
  • Separate the “dough” into equal parts. Wet your hands with water to make it easier to form your cutlets;
  • If you want, you can use breadcrumbs for cutlets coating as well, but it is not necessary;
  • Fry cutlets on medium heat from both sides;
  • If you don’t use breadcrumbs, you can also deep-fry your cutlets – it is also often done in India;
  • Put the cutlets on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil;
  • Cutlets are ready.

Bon Appetit!

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