Dilli Haat

Delhi Haat (Dilli Haat)

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Delhi Haat – the place maybe not the most necessary to visit when you are traveling to Delhi but definitely very interesting. Specially for people who are into handicrafts, creativity and home decor. But everyone can find there some authentic souvenir to take from India.

Delhi Haat is the market of all kinds of unique artworks done by Indian artists, many artworks there are handmade. In Delhi Haat you can find almost everything: from not typical fridge magnets and notepads to carpets and creative furniture. And the most interesting – this place is never the same because artists and their artworks change all the time, you can always find something new even if you come there often. The prices for products are very much affordable.

Products in Delhi Haat market are usually sold in Indian style (different regions of India, more precisely) but sometimes International Fairs do happen there too, with workshops, International food and singing/dancing performances as well. I have visited Thai and Indonesian Fairs in Delhi Haat by my own so far.

You can also find many restaurants in Delhi Haat, with the kitchens of different Indian states: North India, South India, Rajastan, Tibet, Goa and more.

Delhi Haat is located near to INA metro station, right next to the gate, so you can easily reach there by metro as well. Or you can take auto/cab without any issues – every driver knows the place.

There are two other Delhi Haat markets in Delhi: one in Janakpuri and another in Pitampura areas. But both are quite much smaller, less people go there and they are very far from the areas foreigners usually stay in Delhi.

Delhi Haat is the open air place so it’s better you pay attention to the weather the day you want to go there.

The entry is paid and for foreigners the fee is 100 rupees which is around $1.4, so it’s actually very cheap for such unique place! (Although for Indians it’s much cheaper, but it is quite general practice – to make prices higher for foreigners in India, and the prices can be much higher than that in another places as well). I can assure you that even if you will not buy anything in Delhi Haat, you will not regret visiting it, will fill your mind with aesthetic pleasure and will have a desire to come back there again!

  • Address
    Dilli Haat, INA, Delhi
  • Address
    Dilli Haat, Janakpuri, Delhi
  • Address
    Dilli Haat, Pitampura, Delhi

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