Cold Russia? No, I don’t know! (My Krasnodar region)

– Where you from?
– Russia
– Oh, Russia is cold?!
– Well, I am from the warm part…
– …………..(Silence and doubting expressions)

Or my “favorite”:
“You are from Russia, why you feel cold?” 🙈😂😂

I can answer to this: “You are from India (or some other hot country) why you feel hot?” for that matter…😂

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Well, yes, almost whole Russia is indeed cold (but not like there is no summer and constant snow 😏😂). But to think that there are no warm places in Russia is just the same as to think that whole India is hot like oven ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE. Yes, in another countries people barely know that there are some places in India that are not so hot and have snow in winters as well…Like Shimla, where I have traveled during Diwali (or even colder). So…It’s all about the stereotypes, isn’t it? In fact, you will be surprised, but I do feel cold in Delhi winters more often than in winters at my hometown Krasnodar, because there is no central heating in buildings in Delhi (which is everywhere in Russia).

Krasnodar in summer time

My Krasnodar region belongs to the Southern Russia. And my hometown Krasnodar is the capital of the region. Krasnodar (and the region in general) has the air temperature usually similar to hilly places in India, it doesn’t snow in Krasnodar often when it does in Shimla even. Krasnodar’s climate is also quite similar to the climate of Istanbul, Turkey – Istanbul is only 2 hours away by plane from Krasnodar – 1685 km. My Indian husband has been in Krasnodar in August this year and he was shocked how hot it was (just as hot as it was in Delhi at the same time). I have a friend who used to call it “Russian Miami” after knowing it’s warm 😂. In general, the weather in Krasnodar region in summers usually stays between +33-38 degrees Celsius and in winters in doesn’t go too much below 0 degrees, it barely snows (it’s strange for Russian people not to have snow for New Years but, well, in Krasnodar it happens often). Sometimes the cold winds from the north can also bring to Krasnodar the temperature much below 0 (-10-30 even) degrees Celsius and heavy snowing but it usually doesn’t happen for long: 1-2 weeks, rarely a month and is not stable there unlike in other parts of Russia, where such winters stay for 3-5 months (and even longer in the north of Russia) every year for sure.

Krasnodar region (it is also named Kuban after the name of the longest river of the region – Kuban river) has many cities and villages on the seaside (believe me or not!) of 2 seas: Sea of Azov & Black Sea. Actual beaches where people go to swim, in bikinis (not furs 😂), beaches that are also very crowded in summers (people from the whole country come). These are the most famous places to travel in Krasnodar region: Sochi (which is famous as Olympic Games 2014 & Formula 1 car races city), Novorossyisk, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Yeysk, Abrau-Durso and many others. In Southern Russia some spring and autumn months can be hot too (but not always, the weather is not stable in this matter) that it is OK to go to the beach in May, September and even October sometimes even, not just in summers (though mornings and evenings get colder during these months always).

Black Sea, Blagoveshchenskaya in summer time
Black Sea, Gelendzhik in November

Sochi is located 300 km away from Krasnodar (you can reach there from Krasnodar by train/ car/ bus/ plane) and is popular not only for beaches in summers but as mountainous resorts and for winter sports in winters. Sochi is located almost at the border of Russia with Abkhazia and has sub-tropical climate. It means the palms grow there naturally. Yes, you read it right, palms in Russia! Other famous places to go for mountain and waterfalls traveling are Goryachiy Klyuch, Guamka Canyon, Psebay and more.

Guamka Ganyon

Watch the video about Sochi:


My Krasnodar itself doesn’t have the beaches or mountains but all of it is located 150-300 km away from Krasnodar (1.5-5 hours drive). Moscow is 2 hours away by flight (1353 km). Also within 2000 km (or less) from Krasnodar are Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Moldova.

Watch the video about Krasnodar:


Krasnodar region was always famous for agriculture in Russia since it has the most fertile lands and the warmest climate for gardening in the country. So when you travel along Krasnodar region in summer time, you can see the fields everywhere, especially sunflower, grape and wheat fields. There are the places in Krasnodar region that are world-famous for producing wine, such are Fanagoria (Phanagoria), Abrau-Durso and more – Krasnodar region is leading region in wine production in Russia. The region also grows rice and tea – which for sure require a hot climate to grow. Krasnodar tea called the northern tea in the world.


Bonus: A few winter sunsets shot by me in Novotitarovskaya, Krasnodar region

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