Click Art, 3D museum, Rohini, Delhi

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Click Art Museum is located in Metro Walk – the popular place in Rohini for family entertainment and shopping.

It is nice and interesting museum where you can make funny pictures which look quite realistic as well.

But the museum is small for it’s price (Rs.150 per person) and doesn’t have enough lights for pictures by phone (at least in evening).

I have not edited the photos taken there.

Click Art Museum is available in different Indian cities and in another countries as well. Check their website for more information:

However, if you are traveling to Delhi and have stayed in the center areas, it would be very far for you to come to Rohini. Neither the area has any historical sights to see. So I do recommend to come to Metro Walk and Click Art museum, but in case if you happen to be somewhere in Rohini or near.

  • Address
    Click Art 3D Museum, Metro Walk, Rohini, Delhi

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