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I’ve been to Chandigarh a couple of times before as well, but a long time ago and on modeling assignments, so I saw almost nothing there…
This time, however, me and my husband also did not spend much time there – we stopped in Chandigarh on the way to Shimla (you can read about traveling to Shimla Here). But, nevertheless, we have visited a couple of sights!

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The first thing that catches your eye in Chandigarh after Delhi is a cleaner railway station. And the city itself also looks pretty clean.

Chandigarh Railway Station
Chandigarh Railway Station

The thing that amazed me in Chandigarh the most was….it’s roads. It was very strange after Delhi to see wide roads, sidewalk, and even a bicycle path on the road! I have never seen it in India before and in Delhi nobody would follow it.

But I can’t say whether people in Chandigarh follow the road rules more than in Delhi. Because that day there were not too many cars on the roads – it was the day of the celebration of Diwali – the most popular holiday of the year for Indians.

Also, something that was attractive in Chandigarh for me, is that there are many flower beds – they are there on every road ring!

The people in Chandigarh, to my surprise, stared at me much less than the people in Delhi. What made me very happy, until we arrived to Shimla – almost no one was staring there at all so I was..totally amazed!!!

We managed to visit Zakir Hassain Rose Garden and Rock Garden in Chandigarh – two quite popular sights of the city. We chose them simply because both sights were not so far from the railway station – we didn’t have too much time to spend in Chandigarh.

It is not a good season to visit Rose Garden now – almost nothing blooms. But considering the pictures on the Internet, it is very beautiful there during the season. According to the information on the internet, the best time to visit Rose Garden is mid-January – March. In February-March, a Rose Festival is also held in this garden. The Rose Garden opened in Chandigarh in 1967 and it has 1,600 varieties of roses (50,000 plants) on its territory.

The Rose Garden in the end of October
  • Rose Garden location:

  • Address
    Zahir Hussain Rose Garden, Chandigarh

Rock Garden is a very interesting place. There is a lot of stones, statuettes, waterfalls – in general, see for yourself in the photos below.

Rock Garden
Rock Garden
Rock Garden

On it’s territory Rock Garden also has a doll museum, a small aquarium and even crooked mirrors. The territory of Rock Garden is quite large, so you need at least an hour to see it, but 2-3 hours will be better.

Rock Garden
Rock Garden
Rock Garden

The Rock Garden is even older than the Rose Garden – it opened in 1957. What is surprising, because both gardens look like modern attractions.

  • Rock Garden location:

  • Address
    Rock Garden, Chandigarh

The city of Chandigarh has the slogan “The city beautiful”.

How to get to Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is located 243 km away from Delhi and it is quite easy to reach this city. There is a direct train Delhi-Chandigarh, which takes only 3.5 hours. The railway station in Chandigarh is only 7 km from the city center. A ticket for a good train will cost you 500-700 ruppes (7-10 dollars) – the cheaper trains I do not recommend for foreigners.

The middle class type of train

You can also come to Chandigarh from Delhi by car or by bus – such ways the journey will take you about 4 hours (depends on traffic jams and from where you leave in Delhi). Prices can vary depending on the type of bus, if you go by bus, or if you go by car, then whether you rent a car, hire a driver or drive yourself (go with Indian friends, for example).

You can also reach Chandigarh from Delhi by plane: the flight will take you only 50 minutes. Tickets for such flights are also usually not expensive: they start from 1400 rubles (19.5 dollars – one way).

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