Cafe-shop “Kurkuma”, Krasnodar

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In general, I recommend to visit this cafe to all vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists visiting Krasnodar (my home-town). Krasnodar, unfortunately, doesn’t have too many places for vegetarian people because amount of them is quite low yet, so this place can be one of must-visits in your bucket-list. Plus the prices there are VERY cheap: salad can be bought for 70 rubles, soup for 100 rubles (in India, suppose, you can find many cafes with such prices but for Russia it is considered extremely cheap)..

By the way, the word “kurkuma” means “turmeric” in Russian. The cafe is small but cozy, it has interior made in Indian style, but with simple atmosphere. Also, the cafe has a convenient location – it is located next to the Aurora theater (which is famous in Krasnodar though on renovations now), very near to it’s bus stop – you need to walk just about 100 meters. It is not very noticeable from the outside, because the cafe is located on the 2nd floor of the building and has not so big name sigh outside. The location on Google maps is also not 100% accurate, I had to search a bit.

The orange sign is what you need. Source:,38.9813861,14z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x9f5353f08fc32236!2sKurkuma!8m2!3d45.0582922!4d38.9813861!3m4!1s0x0:0x9f5353f08fc32236!8m2!3d45.0582922!4d38.9813861?hl=en-US

In general, cafe is good, but the only one thing is: Indian food there is very different from real Indian food, it is greatly simplified – so if you are an Indian who is looking for real Indian food in Russia, or someone who likes authentic Indian food – better find a different place. Indian tea is especially different – it simply had a strong cinnamon flavor (and cinnamon is not always added to Indian tea in general). Samosas (sort of Indian pies) were also very different: they looked more like Russian pies with cabbage (yes, they were with cabbage, and samosas in India made with potatoes, peas and spices), also the dough and size of it were different (but this not necessarily means that they are bad and you won’t like it): the size, for example, was significantly larger, and the dough was softer than Indian samosas have, and fried.

Samosa in “Kurkuma”

“Kukuma” also serves Russian vegetarian food, healthy and cheap sweets made from nuts and dried fruits, smoothies, and Indian food will not be spicy as well. So it depends what you are looking for: if for cheap vegetarian food – this place is for you, but if for Indian authentic food – then better go to different restaurant. But if you want “pure vegetarian” place – then you better go for this one, because there are still places with Asian food that are suitable for vegetarians in Krasnodar but they won’t be completely vegetarian. “Kurkuma” is “pure vegetarian” place and it has vegan days as well, as raw-diet food options.

One of Russian salads, vegetarian version

In their store you can buy healthy goods from Asia: green tea from China, spices and coconut oil from India (much cheaper than it is in other places in Russia), etc.

I personally liked this place and wish them development and prosperity, as they are doing a good deed, spreading vegetarianism not just in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg but my beloved sunny Krasnodar (which traditionally wasn’t vegetarian).

  • Address
    Ulitsa Shosse Neftyanikov, 11, Krasnodar

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