Cafe “Bake Bun Bikis”, Rohini

Cafe “Bake Bun Bikis” is located is Sector 11, Rohini. This restaurant serves only vegetarian food.

“Bake Bun Bikis” is actually a bakery that sells cakes, breads, pastry, cookies but they also deliver and have available on place such food options as pastas, burgers, subs, toasts, cold drinks, etc.

White Sauce Pasta

I love this place, it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Rohini. I have come there and ordered from them really many times. The food in “Bake Bun Bikis” is very tasty, it has many non-spicy options as well. The food is also served in good amount but the prices are very much affordable. For example, everything you see on the picture below costed just a bit over Rs.300 (a little more than $4).

I have ordered this sub from “Bake Bun Bikis” very often. It’s Paneer Tikka sub, it’s very good and cheaper than a sub from “Subway”/ “Mr.Sub” (though some people might find it a little spicy). But this restaurant has only a few options of sub, it doesn’t let you make your own sub from the ingredients you want.

The restaurant has only indoor seating available. It doesn’t have washroom available for visitors.

Pasta salad
  • Address
    Cafe “Bake Bun Bikis”, sector 11, Rohini, Delhi

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