For Female and Male models, both!

Types of Modeling work

What all is considered a Model’s work and what is not? Learn More

Basics of Model’s look

How should you look to work as a Model in India? Learn More

Required materials: Portfolio

What kind of pictures you need to have in your portfolio to start working as a model in India? Learn More

Required materials: Polaroids

What is polaroids and why you need to have them? Learn More

Basics and types of posing

Learn posing! Click Here

Ramp walk basics

Learn More

How to dress up for castings?

Learn More

What to carry for jobs?

Learn More

Model’s professional behavior

Learn More

For International Models

How modeling in India is different from another countries? Learn More

Модельный бизнес в Индии: отличия от других стран Нажмите Сюда

P.S.: This is just a helpful guide. This topic doesn’t really match the idea of my website but I have decided to add it just to share my personal working experience and knowledge about the work of a Model in India. Just because this information is hardly available online. These tips can be useful for aspiring Indian models and to International models who want to learn a market differences before coming to work in India. Information is suitable for female and male models, both.

Thanks for staying with me!

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