Basics of modeling in India: what to carry for jobs

In India models often asked to carry multiple types of clothes and footwear for shoots. While you can be asked to carry anything – which you shouldn’t necessarily have, there are few basic things that you must have if you want to work as a model. And here is why:

Female models:

  • Plain high heels: black and nude – you should have 1 pair of black and 1 pair of nude your own high heels because not all the studios/designers will have your size or can provide it in general – this is something all the models not just in India but in the world MUST HAVE. Choose the most simple heels, with basic designs, without any decoration – they will match to everything. Also, your heels should be comfortable – you will have to work hours in them! Yet, choose not too small heels but preferably 7-10 cm. Carry these heels for EVERY assignment, even if you weren’t asked for them and carry one of them for EVERY casting:

They can be like this

Or like this

You shouldn’t necessarily buy exactly such kind of heels but this are the most basic – so the most suitable for modeling;

  • Golden and silver heels – these heels are required for Indian clothes shoots/fashion shows – choose them accordingly. They can be of different designs and shouldn’t necessarily be high heels but should match to Indian garments. Below is just an example which you aren’t limited to:
  • Sport shoes – here you can have any – you won’t need to carry them for jobs often, just will be asked to carry for sportswear assignments – it can be your regular sport shoes;
  • Plain slim fit jeans: black and blue – another MUST HAVE. These jeans also supposed to be without any decor, simple and good fitting (no boyfriend fit jeans) – you would need them for tops and t-shirts shoots especially. Having white denims would be beneficial for you as well. The reasons why you must have them is that unlike in another countries, models in India have different sizes and not all the studios can have it for all the types of the models + this jeans should be well fitted to you:
  • Plain denim shorts: blue color- same reason as for jeans – you would require shorts for top shoots sometimes though jeans are used more – shorts should be well fitted and basic as well:
  • Plain lingerie sets with removable straps: skin color, black and white colors – one more MUST HAVE, especially skin color lingerie (others aren’t much required though said that models should have them). ALWAYS wear a skin color lingerie for the assignments – the reason for that is that your lingerie shouldn’t be visible under any type of garments! Better choose lingerie without any decoration and stitches – so it wouldn’t be visible under any clothes:
  • Silicons bra – they are required for backless dresses and tops, clothes with decorations on the back, often for different type of dresses and lingerie shoots (if you do them). MUST HAVE as well:
  • Nude color underwear type shorts – this isn’t a must have, it is more for your protection while changing fast on the fashion shows:
  • Plain spaghetti/ tube tops: nude, black and white colors – they are required to wear under transparent type of tops:

Male models:

  • Formal shoes: black or brown – this is a MUST HAVE, to wear on the shoots for formal wear, shirts and can be used on some others as well. Client might not have your size or shoes in general, but every model supposed to have their own:

This kind of shoes are just an example which you aren’t limited to but the most basic so the most preferred for modeling;

  • Sport shoes – for casual and sportswear assignments. They can be different but having basic white would be beneficial for you;
  • Different casual shoes: with laces and without (no particular color) – male models aren’t so restricted in this as female models but they should have different multiple options;
  • Plain jeans: black and blue – another MUST HAVE. You need to have them for t-shirts and casual clothes type of shoots;
  • Plain white t-shirt – for bottom shoots;
  • Formal black trousers – for shirts/ blazers shoots;
  • Formal belt and other types of belts – you would be asked to carry them as well for shirts/t-shirts shoots:

These kind of things you would be asked to carry often and you should have them, especially for the catalog or e-commerce shoots, but not only. While if you were asked to carry something not from this list, like a green dress suppose – you can say that you don’t have it (but do carry if you have). For this kind of things, especially the ones that I have called MUST-HAVEs, you can’t really tell that you don’t have them. They are called a MODEL’s BAG sometimes.

Before the jobs client would tell you/your agent what to carry with you. If didn’t – you should still carry your basic heels and wear skin-colored lingerie (female models) and casual shoes (male models).

In another countries models aren’t supposed to have so many things due to having almost the same measurements and heights + due to different type of jobs (less catalogs and e-commerce and more magazines or fashion shows suppose – depends on the market) – but they still supposed to have the most basic things like basic shoes/heels, lingerie and basic clothes for castings.

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All of it might seem a lot to buy if now you are are someone who doesn’t really wear a basic style. Becoming a model (anywhere in the world) usually means buying a lot of basic clothes, not just for jobs but for castings as well and many models eventually start liking basic style and using it in daily life as well (which makes it simpler to combine so makes your wardrobe more organized – but it’s just my point of view).

But even if it won’t become your normal life style, don’t be upset, if you wear these things just for jobs and castings, you can use them for a long time in your career.

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