Basics of modeling in India: types of posing

There are 2 basic types of posing in Modeling: Commercial posing and High-fashion posing and each of them includes different types as well.

Commercial posing is more used in advertisements in India than high-fashion posing, while in some countries it’s opposite – that way countries in modeling world are even being differentiated for commercial and high-fashion markets. Most of the Asian modeling markets belong to commercial type, though it doesn’t mean it will be only commercial type of shootings in these countries. But being a professional model, you need to know both types of posing.

Commercial posing is usually required for catalogues and e-commerce, while high-fashion posing is required for magazines and often is used for campaigns as well (if you didn’t read about the types of modeling work, please Click Here). But everything depends on what client wants – you can be asked to do high-fashion posing for print catalogue and commercial posing for magazine, though it’s not that common.

The type of model’s face and figure can decide, as well, what kind of posing she/he will be more appropriate to: models with cute and sexy faces and figures are more suitable for commercial posing (and height requirements are not that strict for them), while models with strong or unusual interesting faces and skinny figures for females (and preferably tall) are more suitable for high-fashion posing. That’s why often models from Europe with commercial faces go to work to Asian modeling markets and some models from Asia are more suitable for European markets. But, again, every model needs to know both types of posing.

Commercial posing is oriented on display of garments in the best manner while high-fashion posing is more about the moods – high-fashion posing is quite different and specific but you can excrement more in there. Commercial posing has more restrictions.

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How to learn posing well?

  • Train yourself in front of the mirror;
  • Practice different type of expressions;
  • Find your good angles and the type of smile that looks good on you;
  • Ask your portfolio photographer to show you whole shoot to understand your good and bad angles (but better do not ask unedited pictures for the reason to post it – some picture might seem good to you just because you are unprofessional yet – trust photographer’s selection, they know what is better for your career);
  • Listen to professional fashion industry people advises;
  • Imagine yourself in different roles to get into the shoots moods;
  • Practice the speed of changing the poses – you have to learn to do it fast;
  • Be confident, don’t compare yourself to other models and don’t get upset if you are not selected on casting;
  • Try to change your pose a little bit every click on shootings and take it seriously, as a job. Understand that people expect good result from your posing. You can’t achieve it expecting others to tell you what to do – people of course can and will tell you what to do sometimes but you can’t expect them to tell you everything and always – posing is the only job that expected from you! Sometimes only that realization helps models to start being actually professional!

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