Basics of modeling in India: Types of modeling work

There are a few types of work which come in a definition of Modeling. But how does such work differentiates in India?

– Photo-shootings:

The differences between the types of fashion shootings (and their prices) usually depend on the usage of the photos after the shoot.

  • Catalogues. Catalogue in fashion industry is a printed book of entire collection of the season of some particular brand or designer, which is used to show the collection to brand’s potential buyers. Catalogues often can be found in brands stores as well. On the catalogue shootings designers/ brands usually shoot not more than 30 outfits (but it depends, sometimes it can be more too) and the models are required to know catalogue type of posing according to the type of clothes presented (learn about it Here), unless the client wants some specific posing. On catalogue shootings models are expected to give many poses for each outfit, focusing, first of all, on the displaying of the garment in the best manner.

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  • Online-catalogues (e-commerce). E-commerce photo-shootings can be called the most common type of shootings in India. The pictures shot for online-catalogues can be used ONLY online (if you have been told you are going to have e-commerce shoot but have found the same photos anywhere in print after, you have been fooled). E-commerce shootings considered to be the simplest kind of shootings due to the mostly straight posing – since for online shopping brands want to show their garments the way they are, without any wrinkles (you can learn e-commerce posing Here). The hard part in e-commerce shootings is that the amount of garments you need to shoot for – it is usually around 70-100 (and sometimes it can be even more). However, you don’t need to pose for long for each garment: for online catalogues people do click just a few shots for each garment (usually). Yet, even being restricted in poses, you have to be a little creative in it – you can’t be just the same on each picture.
  • Magazines and newspapers. Magazines and newspapers do not happen too often to models, and if they do – models shoot for them usually for free. Why do they do it? Because being published in a magazine or newspaper is adding benefits to model’s portfolio. Especially if you want to work as a model in Europe or USA: you can be asked to show publications in magazines and newspapers as a proof of your professionalism for getting the visa. But even if you do not want (or can not) work abroad, being a published model takes your career on the next level, especially if it is a cover page of known magazine.
  • Campaigns. Campaigns are considered to be the most prestigious, the most expensive and the hardest to get kind of work for models. The reason for that is the pictures shot for campaigns can be used everywhere: on hoardings, first of all, in all kinds of prints and online as well. Models should have strong portfolios and should match brands requirements, of course, to be selected for campaigns.
  • Look-books. Look-book shoots are usually not so different from catalogue ones in usage but they are being shot in a simpler manner. Look-books are being used preferably to show the collection to potential buyers, so the buyers can as well tell what kind of changes in garments they want to make if they buy the brands clothes in bulk. Look-book pictures are not always available for public (and mostly models can’t receive those pictures from brands as well). The posing required for look-book shootings is usually quite straight but the moods and expressions are supposed to be different from e-commerce shoots.

– Fashion shows:

Fashion shows happen to showcase designers or brands collections for different purposes. Most of the fashion shows are not open for public and do happen for buyers. However, sometimes they can happen in malls or on some public special occasions where brands want to be noticed. The best type of fashion show work is the participation in Fashion Weeks, of course, because they give models fame in fashion industry. But selection for Fashion Weeks is very strict and competition is big. Models are usually being selected for fashion shows by their ramp-walking skills (you can learn about it Here), first of all, but other requirements also can matter, such are sizes, heights or any other specifics in models looks the designer is looking for.

– Video-shootings:

  • TV – commercials
  • Video clips
  • Movie shootings

Every model is very happy to get a video-shooting. However, models more often shoot for TV-commercials or video clips, rather than for movies. Yes, you can get a movie shooting working as a model, but it is not a standard practice. Actually, to get any kind of video-shooting, you should have not just model’s skills but actor’s skills as well, which are being considered somewhat similar but actually are very different things. Not every model can be an actor, but some sure can! Yet, if you are coming into fashion industry with the hopes to become an actor only – it’s better you try to get into acting industry directly, because in fashion industry you do not get too many chances for video-shootings.

-Exhibitions and events:

Exhibitions and events are usually not the favorite work of most of the models (however, some like it because they find it easy). I personally used to hate it because it was very boring for me: when I had to just stand or do some extremely simple work (like distributing flyers, suppose) for few hours – the time seemed very slow to me. Some people differentiate exhibitions and events as NOT modeling work but a “standist” work. However, most of the modeling agencies still do consider it as modeling and many brands want to have model-looking people to present them on exhibitions. There is nothing bad in working for exhibitions but being a local model in India you can choose if you want to do them or not, while being an International model – not always (because of expenses system in International modelling agencies).


There are 2 types of fittings: paid and unpaid. Most of them are unpaid and it is those that are happening after you have been confirmed already for any of the types of work mentioned above: photo- or video-shooting, fashion show or an exhibition – just to see how the clothes fit you and if they require any changes before the work day. Paid kind of fittings happen very rarely in India but quite common in Europe. They are usually being done by designers to show to the buyers how the clothes look on people or just for designers to see how the clothes look on models before some important event, like fashion show, for example. Usually the amount of clothes on paid fittings is big, but on unpaid fittings is not. The models who are being selected for paid fittings are usually the ones that have body measurements that are close to sewing standard sizes.

Escort and parties are not a modeling work!

To clarify: You can surely go to parties, you can be invited to fashion-parties as well, which would be good for you – to get to know many people from the industry. But if your agent is telling you to hang out with some random guys – this is more likely to be escort and it is not a part of MODELING work, it is not something you must do if you don’t want to.

There are some models who do modeling and escort, both, because modeling is not always easy to earn money in, and in escort they can get big money fast. But! When they do it, they usually know about it, they do it by their choice. And this DOESN’T mean they are doing modeling at that moment! They are just doing another work also. There are also the girls who are not doing modeling at all, only escort but yet, they might call themselves as the models – just to make it looking better. Both of these types of the girls just spoil the image of modeling industry and create wrong stereotypes about this profession in the world!

There are, as well, some fake agents in India who try to confuse the fresher models about such kind of things: try to instill ideas in their minds that it is not possible to become a successful models without “compromising” (that’s how they call agreeing for dirty things). That is a LIE! Just run away from such people (unless you want to do such kind of things, of course) – they aren’t going to be helpful in your career. You can find good agent instead.

Saying NO to any of such things won’t prevent or spoil your modeling career FOR SURE! 🙂

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