Basics of modeling in India: Posing with the objects

Sometimes you would need to pose with the objects other than fashion accessories…(if you didn’t read about commercial posing, Click Here). It can be anything: mobile, headphones, ball or any other sport object, fridge, etc. – anything.

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  • All you need to know if it is the advertising of this object – then you FOR SURE need to pose the way that this object would be the center of attention on the picture. If it is not, if the object is only used as a prop for the shoot, then you would need to act with it but give the focus to the thing that supposed to be advertised (garments, suppose, like on the picture below).
  • Apart from it, obviously, go with the style or the mood of the shoot, pose and act naturally according to your object (unless the client asks you otherwise like in high-fashion concepts, suppose – to read about high-fashion posing Click Here), don’t do the kind of poses that don’t go with this object.

Usually it is easier to pose with the objects for the models than without them, because they give the models more variety of poses to do.

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