Basics of modeling in India: Portfolio

If you want to become a model, you supposed to have certain pictures to start with. Basic required materials are portfolio and polaroids. Today we will talk about model’s portfolio and about polaroids I will tell later.

Portfolio is very important for every model. It is a foundation for your career, without it you can’t be called a professional model just. Many people want to built their modeling portfolios on collaboration shoots. However, this is not always the way which will help you. On collaboration shoots more often you can get creative type of pictures, which is also good, but for your portfolio you need to have basic looks as well. You need to understand that collaboration shoots are something that photographer, make-up artist, stylist and the model want to do together, the pictures should be useful for everybody. But your portfolio is something that you need, first of all. And the quality of your initial portfolio can be that important that it will define your future career in total. Later, when you will start getting jobs, they will add on pictures to your portfolio, but to start getting good jobs you need to have good pictures. If you know some photographer who would want to do full portfolio shoot for you for free – it’s great for you. Otherwise, if you still want to do your portfolio shoot for free, you can still collaborate with few photographer for different required looks. But it can take quite a long time – to collect a strong portfolio of a good quality like this. But if you want to be sure in the quality of your portfolio and want to start working fast – better you pay some good photographer. You can also find an agent/ agency for yourself – then they are the ones who supposed to arrange it for you but they can charge for it from your first payments as well.

Basic means you supposed to have pictures in different type of clothes, without dramatic make-up or lighting (again, you can have them too, but additionally). Why different type of clothes? Because that’s how clients do choose models. You can’t send bikini pictures if you want to get a saree shoot, suppose.

The beginner portfolio for models in India should include:

  • 4-5 looks in it;
  • Full body shots, medium shoots (knee length) and portraits;
  • Portraits: you should have have at least 1-2 portraits with nude make-up. Otherwise you can have creative make-up pictures too, as many as you want – they can be helpful for you to get creative type of assignments.

P.S. The following pictures are just examples and you do not need to copy them exactly for your portfolio!

The basic looks you would need:

  • Casual look pictures: street style or catalogue type of studio pictures but not a blogger style – do not pose like a blogger – how to pose as a model I will write about later);
  • Formal look pictures: necessary for male models to have because there are many formal wear shoots for male models in India. But optional for female models – there is not many formal wear shoots for female models in India;
  • Indian wear look: It’s really advised to have such pictures for models who want to work in India, unless you are an Indian model who is too skinny and has very International looks – then you will not really get ethnic wear shoots here. Bridal make-up pictures will not be useless for you too;
  • Elegant look pictures: it can be evening dresses for girls. Not necessary but better to have it. For male models it can be elegant formal suits, that means it is not really necessary to have since you already have formal wear pictures;
  • Portraits. Necessary to have at least 1-2 portraits with basic make-up, not just creative ones, as I have already mentioned above. Creative make-up and jewelry shots will be beneficial for you. Creative make-up pictures are not necessary to have for male models but they can help you to get high-fashion shoots assignments as well…or contract abroad;
  • If you want to do lingerie, you supposed to have lingerie/bikini photos in your portfolio as well.
  • Other type of pictures, like sport wear photos, sunglasses portraits, pictures with bags etc, will be also beneficial for you to have: the more types of clothes in your portfolio photos (and right posing for them) you have, the better. However, for sport wear, sunglasses, bags etc. you can be easier selected without having similar photos in your portfolio.

Important tips for portfolio shoot:

  • Find a good photographer/photographers for that! Seriously, if the photographer is the beginner and doesn’t shoot well, those pictures will spoil the whole impression about you on them and won’t help you to get work;
  • Discuss all the looks with photographer before, ask about make-up artist (it’s better you have a professional make-up artist for your portfolio shoot, because if you do make-up yourself, you might look not as good on your pictures as you desire);
  • If you supposed to have a stylist on your portfolio shoot, you do not need to worry about clothes, however, it’s better you still carry some. And multiple foot wears too, because what if the stylist’s foot wear will not fit you? (it can happen because of the sizes differences) If you will not have stylist on your portfolio shoot, then you need to carry as much outfits as possible (but according to the kind of looks mentioned above, or discussed with the photographer, or your agent telling you to carry). It’s always better to take more than required. Also carry different accessories, bags, sunglasses – they can be useful;
  • Prepare – physically and mentally. Take care of your skin, nails, hair (come with clean hair) – don’t do portfolio shoot if you need to make some changes in your look before starting modeling: to loose weight, to change hair style etc. – learn about how you should look to work as a model in India Here – you will not be too much able to use those pictures after if you change your look after. Also learn posing as much as you can before the shoot and tell yourself not to feel shy as much as possible. Photographer, of course, can let you know how to pose, but the confusion and fear on your face can’t be Photoshoped. Take care of your face expressions as much as possible on your portfolio shoot – face expressions often are more important for clients than the posing of the model even. Feel yourself as already professional model – it will add you confidence, feel as someone, who expected to give as many different poses and expressions as possible already – because it’s your work. And just experiment with posing – don’t worry about looking weird on some photos – it is totally normal thing for professional models too and even celebrities – nobody can look perfect on just every picture!;
  • And the last – portfolio is only the shoot that supposed to show the model, not the clothes. So enjoy it, you can be more creative than on commercial shoots! (but yet, pose the way that the pictures could be useful for your career).

P.S.: If you have an agent/ agency – then you don’t need to organize it yourself – they will do it.

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