Basics of modeling in India: model’s professional behavior

  • Don’t be late for jobs and castings (inform if it’s going to happen and don’t lie with the estimate timing of your arrival – not to make people keep calling you and to be irritated) – I have seen many Indian models being late for even 1-2 hours for castings and shoots. On the shoot day you can’t just do so – people are paying by hours, you are wasting everybody’s time (even if somebody else from the team is late, people don’t want the models to be). As for the castings – casting can even finish already if you will be 2 hours late and you will miss your opportunity to get the assignment. Modeling is your job and it is better you take it seriously – you don’t want people to say that they are going to work with international models because they are more professional, right? (that’s what people say because of such kind of things and tantrums);
  • Don’t be rude with the clients – seems obvious, yet, models do it sometimes;
  • Don’t make fun of the clothes in front of designers – another form of being rude – models tend to judge clothes they shoot for a lot, just because they don’t like it. But the point is that you don’t have to like it – the shoot happens NOT FOR YOU. Indian models do it a lot with the make up they don’t like – but the designer should like it, not you. Because he/ she is someone for whom the shoot actually happens – for his/ her advertisements, he/ she is paying for it (and you are getting paid). So even if you don’t like how you look for those advertisements, you anyways should advertise EVERYTHING like these are the best clothes in the world! (you should be able to do so even if you are wearing a vegetable bag – that what means to be a professional model). You don’t have to lie and praise clothes all the time – just be professional, that’s all;
  • Don’t leave the job unfinished – people have some exact amount of clothes to shoot. Don’t agree on the shoot of you have another plans for those hours. And don’t cancel the shoot when not much time left before it, people should have time to find another model (which also will be approved by the designer, not just any other model). Unless you are seriously sick;
  • If you are a little sick or something in your life makes you sad — it’s important not to show it to the camera – how harsh it wouldn’t sound but professional models can look and work their best even not feeling well;
  • Change your pose a little every shot, don’t stand steel waiting for people to tell you what to do – I was writing about it in the articles about posing – it is important, the ability to pose by yourself – that’s what makes you a professional model (and not someone who has just beautiful face and body);
  • Listen to the photographers and designers requirements, understand that people might see you and their advertisements differently from your point of view, be ready to pose accordingly;
  • Take care of not spoiling clothes, hair style and make up while changing (and you need to change clothes fast in the same time).

Social media behavior:

  • Take contacts of people on shoots, add them on social media so they wouldn’t forget you;
  • When you are posting a picture from the shoot, tag everybody of the shoot’s team – this picture is the effort of the whole team, not just yours;
  • Don’t apply filters or edit pictures from the shoots — photographers don’t like it or brands can have even bigger problems with that – you are changing their advertisements;
  • Don’t upload pictures on social media before brand does unless they allowed you. And don’t ask the photographers to give you the pictures which aren’t published yet. Sometimes brands can upload it a few months after the shoot happened. Don’t also tell them that you won’t upload it and then do it. The reason why it isn’t right is because designers don’t want their designs to be copied by another brands before they even publish images;
  • Don’t be annoying with asking for pictures, you can also find them in internet yourself, just note the brands names when you shot for them. Photographers have to shoot for really many brands and don’t have time giving pictures to every model. But from collaboration shoots you can’t get it otherwise, so you can surely ask it from photographers. Just don’t be too annoying and don’t ask for the pictures too soon – it takes time to edit them;
  • Upload backstage images from the shoots and fashion shows so people from the fashion industry could see you are working well (but some designers can ask you not to post backstage images too – for the the reason of their designs not being copied, again. Don’t do it in such case – respect their work).

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