Basics of modeling in India: how to dress up for castings

How you dress up for castings is actually very important and better not to underestimate it.

The main rule in here is to dress up that way that your figure would be visible! No loose clothes that may make designers and photographers to think that you are just hiding your real figure: if you are slim – you can make people doubt it, but even if you aren’t – still it is better to show your figure the way it is – so you can get the job the way you are. If you hide your figure and take the job – anyways you will have to wear different type of clothes on the shoot/ fashion show so you won’t be able to hide it there.

Just wear skinny jeans (though in some countries or some particular agencies models are not allowed to wear jeans – in India it is a good option for castings)/ leggings/ shorts/ skirt + not a loose top/ a dress, preferably a tight dress. And heels for female models, better HIGH HEELS, so you won’t look shorter than other models (but if you are short, do not wear crazily high heels with not good looking platforms, it will spoil the impression of you. Just normal 8-12 cm high heels will go best). You don’t necessarily need to wear them on the way to casting, but you need to carry them for every casting FOR SURE! You can just change your foot wear there.

BCBG Model Casting Call

It is better as well to dress up in neutral colors, black especially, but it is not strict here. Better do not wear the clothes that are too much decorated, with the crystals especially. Also do not wear too much accessories – they will just grab all the attention from you on them – you don’t need that – you want to be noticed yourself, first of all. But 1-2 stylish accessories you can wear. Also do not wear anything that will make you looking too much different from the way you are on castings, like wigs suppose. Basic rule here is to look STYLISH, but natural and not overdone.

The most common model’s style is presented on the pictures below:

Categorically do not wear for castings:

  • Loose clothes
  • Full sport outfit (part of it can be there in a stylish match);
  • Full formal outfit (again, you can wear a stylish jacket together with the jeans/ leggings/ shorts/ skirt/ dress but you shouldn’t look the way like you came to office job interview)

Such kind of clothes are not bad in general and when you go for a shoot or fashion show for work already – you can wear whatever you want (though many models keep dressing up stylish there too) but these clothes are not good for castings because they will give a different impression of you, not of a model.


In some countries models aren’t allowed to wear make up for castings. In Asia, however, it is advised to wear it. Do not come without make up completely for castings but do not over-do it as well.

The best options for castings are basic make-up or basic make-up with a read lipstick (some other bright lip color can be there too, but take care of it not to make you looking old).

Hair-style: Girls

Your hair-style supposed to be simple as well. Simple straight hair, a ponytail or some simple curls (mostly if you have naturally curly hair, though you can do slight curls you wish but you don’t need to do a heavy hair-style).

On the casting you can be asked to tie your hair if you have them open so that the client could see how you look such way, or to open your hair if your have a ponytail, if the client requires it. Do not put to much of hair-spray, gel, etc. because of this reason (you would be needed to take pictures on castings, and too much of hair products would look your hair look weird if required to change your hair-style). Do not come to castings with dirty hair as well: sometimes models just do a ponytail when they feel lazy to wash their hair but if you will be asked to open it, you can feel embarrassed.

Hair: guys

Guys would need to come for castings with stylish hair-style as well and not messy. Guys are allowed to put hair-spray, gel, etc. but not too much as well.

What you need to remember about the castings is that they decide if you will get the job or not. Clients have to select sometimes 1 model from 200 or even more, so you should be that much good that they would choose you! You should look your best, yet natural there and to give the best possible posing or catwalk you can. And try to be friendly with the designers and photographers as well, it can help people to remember you.

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