Basics of modeling in India: Couple and group posing

In your modeling career you will not always have shoots where you need to pose alone, sometimes you will have to do it with another models as well. It can be shoots where the models have to pretend that they are the group of friends, it can be shoots where the models have to pretend that they are the couple of friends, it can be shoots where the models of opposite gender would have to pretend they are the couple in love, it can be the shoots where the models would need to act as the family with the child model as well.

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What do you need to know about such kind of shoots? They are harder – because the final result doesn’t depend just on you. You can do your work well while another model/ models will pose bad and so you would have to shoot until you all would give a good result together. And opposite – it could be you to feel shy to work with another models – you, most likely, wouldn’t even know them until a shoot day.

  • So, first important tip is – well, not to feel shy. To understand that it is just your work, it is the same for other models, and nothing else. You all just pretend, you all are just being professional. In the couple and group shoots, when people are shy, they tend to stand a little too far from each other and on the pictures it does not look natural. And it is not just about the cases where you need to act as a couple in love, it is about all the cases of working with another models – even if there is 2 female models, people usually tend to feel some sort of discomfort with the people you hardly know;
  • Another important tip: you need to know is that you both should pose in the same style (but not exactly the same way). It may look obvious because the client would tell you what type of posing is required, yet, people can misunderstand it. Try to cooperate and pose according to the idea – suppose if it is a shoot for male garments and you are female model who is not wearing something to advertise but is there for a concept only, do not try to be the most visible on the picture. And opposite – both cases happen. If all of the models are supposed to advertise the garments – then you all should be equally noticeable on the picture. Remember: your work is to advertise the garments (or whatever other subject you have got to advertise), not yourself! Don’t try to make a competition with the other models on such kind of shoots, instead help others if they aren’t doing well.
  • And the last important tip is for the eyes and face expressions. Apart from not just creating a different story with your face expressions, there are the tips for the eyes: you should either all look in the camera, some of you in the camera and some not (in the couple shoot one of you or both) or you should look at each other (more for a couple shoot) – but never all of the models should look away from each other and the camera. It just shows huge disconnect (unless it’s some kind of a concept where it is required only).

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