A little bit of demography (about overpopulation of India, China and the world)

According to statistics in Wikipedia, by 2030, the population of India will exceed the population of China by 112 millions. Many people, even Indians themselves, do not believe in it and think these countries have quite big difference in population still, but… Look at the numbers below.

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When I was in school, in like 7-8th grade (which was almost 15 years ago – can’t believe it), I remember that the difference between the population of India and China then was about 200 million. Now it’s 47 million. The population of China is 1.398 billion and the population of India 1.351 billion – both for September 2019.

Of course, India and China are both ancient civilizations and life in these countries have started earlier than on the west. BUT!! The numbers that really surprised me: over the past 60 years, the population of India has grown THRICE! JUST 60 years ago, it was about 445 million. According to locals, it happened due to the development of medicine in India. The population of China 60 years ago was 667 million, which means that it has grown TWICE.

Also, according to statistics of 2017, the annual population growth in China is 0.6% and in India is 1.1%.

Of course, the birth control politics have worked in China. And India as well now is considered the youngest country in the world: every 3rd person in the country is young. By 2020, median age in India will be 29 years.

The expected population growth in India in the next 10 years is… 177 million people! What is already more than the current population of Russia (146 million people)! Just imagine: India is capable of reproducing the population of the whole Russia and even more in just 10 years! The expected population growth in Russia, by the way, in the next 10 years is 3 million people. Moreover, Russia is more than 5 times bigger than India in area and China is almost 3 times bigger than India as well (17.1 million sq.kms – the area of Russia, 9.59 million sq.kms – the area of China and 3.28 million sq.kms – the area of India).

In general, as stated in Wikipedia article about world’s population (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population), it took 200 million years to mankind to reach a population of 1 billion and 200 years to grow it to 7.7 billion (data for April 2019). Of which 4.5 billion people live in Asia, accounting for 60% of the world’s population, 36% of them are India’s and China’s population together.

What is paradox for me that in India and China both there are much less benefits and payments from the governments in education, medicine, pension and other systems than on the west, so it is somewhat harder to have children here these days (at least that’s how it feels to me), yet people have more children here often than in western countries. Though, often poor people are the ones who have more kids usually – and not all of them care about their children education and well being at all. In one article I also have read that people subconsciously have more children when they don’t live in safe and stable environment because of survival instinct. Not sure how much it’s true. What do you think of this?

Now there is a lot of talks in the world (and in India too) about overpopulation and birth control. The reason for this is that overpopulation leads to problems such as global warming, high environmental pollution, lack of food resources and water, etc. The list of air pollution in the world every day now is mainly led by Asian cities. And, most often, in the position of the city with the dirtiest air in the world stands… Delhi.

By the way, in 2019, Indians are also the most migrating nation: they make a 17.5 millionth diaspora of migrants in the world. Although in this regard, Russia is not much behind: the 10.5 millionth diaspora of migrants.

And there still people among you who are afraid for the future of mankind, worrying that more and more people do not want to marry and have children? Believe me, Asia will not allow humanity to die out. Although, it depends from which side to look at it! After all, perhaps it is overpopulation that will kill the mankind….

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