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I am not a travel agency, but I am someone who wants to make the life between the countries easier: to show you travel hacks I have learnt over the years; to talk about the challenges of immigrants no one talks about; about the realities of international marriages; about the cultures types and how they effect our mindsets….And, the most important, to break the stereotypes and to remove fears from people minds…. Click to continue

Who am I? My name is Rita, I am from Russia but living in India. What am I doing here? I am married to an Indian. But not a typical Indian… Click to continue

Intercultural blog: Russia-India

Differences & similarities in lifestyle & customs; Intercultural marriage; Experiences & Tips for living an intercultural life from an ethnography graduate… Click Here

Vegetarian & Vegan food blog

Vegetarian recipes of Indo-Russian family; Indian household tips; The list of vegetarian restaurants in Russia… Click Here

Social blog

Social problems & Statistics of India and other countries; Social Art & Social Projects… Click Here

Fashion blog

Wardrobe & shopping in India; Indian fashion industry (modeling & photography) working experiences… Click Here

Travel Blog

Destinations & Sightseeing; Travel tips; Reviews of the hotels, restaurants, services and events…. Click Here